Android APIs
public static class


extends Object

Class Overview

Builder for creating non-standard samplers. This is only necessary if a Sampler with different min and mag modes is desired.


Public Constructors
Sampler.Builder(RenderScript rs)
Public Methods
Sampler create()
void setAnisotropy(float v)
void setMagnification(Sampler.Value v)
void setMinification(Sampler.Value v)
void setWrapS(Sampler.Value v)
void setWrapT(Sampler.Value v)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public Sampler.Builder (RenderScript rs)

Public Methods

public Sampler create ()

public void setAnisotropy (float v)

public void setMagnification (Sampler.Value v)

public void setMinification (Sampler.Value v)

public void setWrapS (Sampler.Value v)

public void setWrapT (Sampler.Value v)