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May 2020
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#android11: The Beta Launch Show

Join us June 3 at 11 am EDT for exciting Android and Google Play updates and the latest development news, with live Q&As. Join the conversation using #AskAndroid.

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What’s new on Google Play

App signing by Google Play FAQs: learn how to keep your signing keys safe and unlock the benefits of Android App Bundle.

Play Dynamic Asset Delivery: optimize delivery of all your game assets with the new App Bundle for games.

Instant play game featuring program: to reach 100s of millions of gamers, submit your game for publication on the Play Games app homepage.


Upcoming Google Play and Android deadlines

Updated subscriptions policy:

June 16, 2020: subscription offers must comply with the new guidelines to ensure that users have an informed choice before signing up.


August 3, 2020: new apps must target at least Android 10 (API level 29).

November 2, 2020: all app updates must target at least Android 10 (API level 29)

Location policy:

November 2020: enforcement of the new policy will begin on published apps. Please review the policy now and evaluate if you need to access background location.

Job scheduling—GCMNetworkManager:

November 2020: GCMNetworkManager library will stop receiving new features or support.

Once your app updates the target API level (targetSdkVersion) to Android 11 (API level 30), FirebaseJobDispatcher and GcmNetworkManager API calls will no longer work on devices running Android Marshmallow (6.0) and above.

User journey guide

User journey series: a guide for apps and games

Learn how to improve performance by analyzing the user journey, from onboarding to reactivation, with recommendations for keeping your best users engaged.

An introduction to the user journey for mobile apps

The user journey: onboarding and activation

Exporting your apps to the USA

Tips to export your apps and games to the USA

Exporting your apps to Germany

Tips to export your apps and games to Germany

COVID-19 insights

Identify underlying patterns in your app’s data

Latest developer stories

IGG India case study link

IGG finds success in India with Google Play

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Monzo removes 9,000 lines of code by using CameraX

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Chrome OS: Building for larger screens and game experiences

Listen to this podcast: hear from Maximiliano Rodriguez, Platforms Operations Director at Gameloft, who discusses the benefits and challenges of taking games to larger screens with practical tips for new form factors. Including UI and UX considerations, app continuity, and multi-window and multi-display environments support.

Read this article: Kenneth Ford, Developer Advocate at Google, describes how to bring optimized experiences to the big screen.

Image of Podcast Episode 5

Building successful games and putting your players first

Image of Podcast Episode 6

Building apps for everyone; why inclusivity and accessibility truly matter

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Sign-up, sign-up, sign-up! How to win as a subscription business

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Announcing Firebase Live

Starting June 9, join us for a new 5-part weekly web series consisting of helpful tips, technical tutorials and live Q&A. Tune in to grow your skills and connect with the Firebase team.

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Play Academy: Setting up subscriptions

After you have a subscription strategy, it’s time to deploy it in your app. In this course, you’ll learn how to add subscriptions to your app and modify settings to optimize your subscription strategy.


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