Recent & new features to help you find and engage a valuable audience

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Playtime 2017
Playtime 2017: Find success on Google Play
At this year’s Playtime events we launched innovations to app discovery and engagement on Google Play, as well new features in the Play Console to help you improve your app quality and help your business succeed.
Rethinking interface assumptions in AR: Selecting objects
(8 min read)
Rethinking interface assumptions in AR
Applying human-centered design to emerging technologies
(7 min read)
Applying human-centered design
Taking the guesswork out of paid user acquisition
(8 min read)
Taking the guesswork out
What’s new on Android
What’s new on Android
  • Android 8.1 Developer Preview: Enhancements including optimizations for Android Go (devices with 1GB or less of memory), and a new Neural Networks API (on-device machine learning).
  • Android Studio 3.0: Now ready to download with key features including a new suite of app profiling tools, support for Kotlin, and a new set of tools to accelerate development on the latest Android Oreo APIs.
What’s new on Google Play
What’s new on Google Play
Recent & new features to help you find and engage a valuable audience.
  • Discovery and quality: Increased personalization, updated top charts, new Editors’ Choice articles in 17 countries, Android Excellence, and Best of Play.
  • New games experience: An improved home for games with trailers and screenshots.
  • Going beyond installs: Reminders to play recently installed games, live operations banners, and a ‘Try it Now’ button for Android Instant Apps.
  • Google Play Security Reward Program: In collaboration with HackerOne, a program to to incentivize security research into popular Android apps available on Google Play.
What’s new on the Google Play Console
What’s new on the Google Play Console
  • Focus on quality: Revamped Android vitals, new broken apps policy, and improved pre-launch reports.
  • Release with confidence: Alpha/beta country targeting (with staged rollouts coming soon), and device catalog update.
  • Grow your subscriptions business: New features across setup, acquisition and retention; with new transaction fees for subscribers over 12 months.
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Enable easy checkout in your app
Enable easy checkout in your app
The new way to Pay with Google, the Google Payment API, enables effortless checkouts in your app. Users can use any credit or debit card stored in their Google Account to transact on non-digital goods. This API is available globally on supported payment processors.
Firebase DevSummit
Firebase DevSummit
Watch all the talks and catch up on the best moments from the 2017 Firebase Dev Summit.
Growing with Android and Google Play
Hello English: learning English, grammar, and vocabulary building
Hello English
Open Sesame: touch-free control for the smartphone or tablet
Open Sesame
Remind: improving communication in the classroom
Universal app campaigns
Universal app campaigns: Best practices
All AdWords app install campaigns will move to universal app campaigns on November 15th. Read the latest best practices for promoting your app.
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