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We introduced our second generation family of consumer hardware products, all made by Google: new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, an all new Pixelbook, Google Clips hands-free camera, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset.
Team members missing out
Are your team members missing out?
Let your team members know they can subscribe to this newsletter in the Play Console:
Autofill on Android Oreo
Autofill on Android Oreo
Help people speed through your forms, such as account creation and providing credit card information, quickly and accurately using the new Autofill Framework.
Device catalog in the Play Console
Device catalog in the Play Console
The device catalog has recently been updated. Take advantage of the latest features by signing in and accepting the new terms of service.
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Android Excellence Awardees
New Android Excellence awardees
The latest collection (Fall 2017) of outstanding apps and games that offer incredible user experiences on Android.
The promise of persuasive apps: Post 3/3
(11min read)
The promise of persuasive apps
How to optimize your Android app for
emerging markets
(6min read)
Optimize your Android app
Predicting your app’s monetization future
(10min read)
Predicting your app’s monetization future
Latest from Firebase
The latest from Firebase
Use the new Cloud Firestore database to store, sync, and query your app data, with an infrastructure that scales globally.
Valuable users with AdWords
Find valuable users with AdWords
The latest AdWords universal app campaign best practices will help you find the users who are most likely to take valuable actions in your app.
New to AdWords? Get a coupon to try out Universal App Campaigns.
Google Assistant
What’s new with Google Assistant
  • API.AI is now Dialogflow and has launched two new features to enhance your conversational app development.
  • Get supported when building apps for Google Assistant from our new developer community program. Starting with a $200 monthly Google Cloud credit and a T-shirt when you deploy your first app, your perks increase as you hit milestones.
  • Build apps easily with templates: simply add your questions and anticipated answers to a Google spreadsheet, no code required.
  • Build for a global user base with apps for the Assistant now available for English (US, UK, Australia, and Canada), French (Canada and France), German, Japanese, and Korean speakers.
Startup with Google
Startup with Google
Get things done and move your business forward with this collection of resources, insights, and community programs.
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