Playtime 2016: Highlights

Google Play | Playtime events took place across 10 cities in 2016. You can now watch the latest sessions about building a successful business on Play, hear the trends from experts on app development, and be inspired by other developers.


New in the Google Play Developer Console

  Get more subscribers with introductory pricing. At the end of the introductory period, users are charged the full subscription price. How to set an introductory price.
  Order management & payments settings are now integrated in the Google Play Developer Console with new features. Learn more.
  The new Voided Purchases API helps you maintain a fair ecosystem by allowing you to claw back in-app content associated with refunded purchases. Documentation & best practices.

Test drive your app on Google Cloud Platform for free

Does your app serve 20M DAUs? Still prototyping? Either way, GCP’s serverless app environment lets you build, ship, and iterate fast. Build intelligent apps at Google scale with industry-leading machine learning and analytics—at a price up to 50 percent less than other cloud providers.


Android Wear: Developer Preview 4

Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 4 brings a number of new features such as in-app billing, seamless authentication, and cross-device promotion that will help you build more powerful standalone apps. Get a glimpse of upcoming titles with Wear 2.0 and get inspired with the new APIs.


Google Developer Day at GDC 2017

Join us on February 27th as we demonstrate the power of Android gaming. We'll share how new devices, platforms, and tools are helping developers grow successful businesses and push the limits of mobile gaming.


A free AdMob report on holiday app performance

During the holiday season a couple years ago, app downloads across the app stores increased by 20 percent and ad impressions served through AdMob increased by 30 percent. How did your app perform over the holidays?


Go Global Playbook

Learn how to publish an app to Google Play and finding success with a global audience of more than 1 billion 30 days active users (MAUs). Includes advice to help you plan your approach to going global, prepare your app for new markets as well data and insights for key countries and other useful resources.


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