Updated Google Play badge generator

Use the Google Play badge generator to make sure you’re using the updated Google Play logo. The badge generator now accepts UTM tags for source and campaign, which will help you track your marketing in the Google Play Developer Console’s user acquisition performance report.


Reminder for apps requesting sensitive permissions

Apps which request sensitive permissions (including Microphone, Camera, Accounts, Contacts, or Phone) must provide a link to a valid privacy policy in the app and Google Play Developer Console.


Android 7.1.1 released

Android 7.1.1 brings incremental improvements, including bug fixes and extra features. Developer benefits include new app shortcuts, round icon resources, and image keyboard support, making it easier to bring your app directly from home screen.


How developers are finding success with subscriptions on Play

  Memrise shares insights from running pricing experiments on Android to increase conversions. Read about pricing experiments.
  With Google Play billing, Le Monde sees a higher subscription conversion rate on Android than any other platform. Watch the video.

Find growth markets around the world on Play

  Understand the potential of Middle East & North Africa as a growth market and learn best practices from developers who have found success in the region. Realize the potential of MENA.
  Read about three game developers in Latin America who drive sustainable growth after launching on Google Play. Sustainable growth in Latam.

Keeping the Play store trusted

Further to our recent improvements in fighting fraudulent and spam app installs, we've also improved the identification and removal of fake ratings and reviews.


The latest from Firebase

Firebase brings you a deep dive to each of the latest announcements:

  Firebase Admin SDK update.
  Firebase Test Lab launches a Free tier + support for 11 additional Android device models.
  Google Analytics for Firebase: Real time uploading of conversion events, integration with Data Studio and DebugView beta.
  Firebase Unity plugin and expanded C++ SDK.
  Udacity Course "Firebase in a Weekend".
  New Firecast shows you how Google Analytics for Firebase Audiences works and how to improve Firebase.js load times.
  #MeetFirebase: the people who work on Firebase behind the scenes.

Find more power users over the holidays with Universal App Campaigns

Three new innovations will help make your holiday app marketing more engaging and effective, including a new ad placement on Google Play exclusively for advertisers running Universal App Campaigns.


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