Join us for Google I/O 2016, May 18-20

Create your own #io16 schedule on the I/O website or in the I/O 2016 app. Watch the livestream throughout the conference at This year's keynote kicks-off on May 18 at 10AM PDT.


Join an 'I/O Extended'
near you

Watch and participate in I/O 2016 with nearby developers and have your most pressing questions answered from afar with #io16request on Google+ and Twitter.

Get an expert app review at the Google Play sandbox

If you’re attending I/O, visit the Google Play Sandbox to get tips and recommendations from Google experts on how to improve your app or game.


Google Play Awards coming to I/O

Check out the nominees and watch the livestream of the ceremony on Thursday, May 19 at 7PM (PDT).


Android N Developer Preview 2

  Vulkan, a new 3D rendering API for high performance graphics.
  Launcher shortcuts for your app's features.
  Emoji Unicode 9.
  API refinements and bug fixes.
Do you use Android Studio? Here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know you can do.

New in the Google Play Developer Console

  User Acquisition performance report: understand how users find and install your app based on geography. Learn more.
  Translate universal app campaigns through the App Translation Service. Learn more.
  Store Listing Experiments: now run up to five localized experiments concurrently. Learn more.
  Bulk Export of Subscription Data from the Developer Console or automated with gsutil from Cloud Storage, includes per-App and per-SKU monthly subscriptions details. Learn more.
  Opt in to developer research: we appreciate hearing what you need and how we can improve. Please review and update your preferences to get invites for occasional research studies.

Enhancing app security on Google Play

Learn how the Google Play App Security Improvement Program helps you build secure apps that protect users.

Growing Eddystone

Introducing Ephemeral IDs for beacons offering control, security, and privacy.


Sprint: a new guidebook to effective design sprints from Google Ventures

Based on the experiences from more than one hundred sprints at Google Ventures: learn how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days.


Watch Google for Mobile Tokyo

Learn the latest tips for success from the sessions at last December’s Google for Mobile event in Yokohama

Join us at Apps Japan

Google Play will have a booth at Apps Japan, June 8 - 10. Please come and experience the multiscreen world of Android.


Accessibility Scanner

Scan your app and get suggestions for accessibility improvements.


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