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In place of the January edition of our newsletter, we’d like to introduce you to some new resources to help you grow successful app or game business on Google Play. You can now download the second edition of “The Secrets to App Success on Google Play” and watch short videos with tips based on various objectives.
The Secrets to App Success on Google Play (Second Edition)
This second edition updates last year’s guide, which was downloaded by over 200,000 developers, with the latest tools and best practices to help you improve the quality of your app, grow a valuable audience, increase engagement and retention, and earn more revenue.
10 tips to master the Developer Console
From the Google Play Developer Console you publish your apps and games to the over 1 billion active Android users around the world. In this video you’ll learn about running alpha and beta tests, using optimization tips, automating your publishing tasks, and more.
10 improvements you can make to your store listing
An enticing app listing on the Google Play store encourages users to install your app. Watch this video for 10 tips you can use to create a better store listing such as creating an eye catching icon, running Store Listing experiments, localizing your listing, and more.
10 tips to get more installs
Whether you create apps and games for fun or as a business, you’ll want to get as many installs as possible. Watch this video to learn about the key things you can do to drive installs, such as optimising your Play store listing, running app install ads, using smart app invites, and more.
10 ways to improve your app’s rating
Your app’s rating matters to potential users and affects their decision on whether to install your app, so obtaining and maintaining a good rating is important. In this video you’ll discover the practical steps you can take such as basing your app on material design, testing against the most popular devices, monitoring and fixing crashes, and more.
10 ways to increase engagement with your app
Successful apps don’t necessarily have the most users, but they do have the most engaged users. In this video you’ll discover some of the top techniques for getting your users more engaged such as keeping them informed with notifications, using App Indexing to bring them back from searches, and more.
10 ways to engage players with your games
Once players have installed your game, Google Play offers you a range of features to add to your game to keep them playing and build your game’s success. In this video you’ll discover tips for using leaderboards, adding nearby multiplayer features, challenging players with quests, and more.
10 ways to increase your earnings
A money making apps starts with a quality app, then there is a lot you can do to find your app’s true earning potential. In this video you’ll learn about effective ways to increase your earnings, such as using subscriptions, pricing to local markets, and more.
10 tips to take your game global
Expanding your game to new users around the world is a great way to increase your revenue. In this video discover how to take your app to new markets by researching market expectations, using the App Translation Service, supporting local users, and more.
10 tips for launching your app
A well planned and executed launch sets your app up for growth. In this video we explore some ways to ensure a successful launch.
10 things you should be measuring
The Google Play Developer Console and Google Analytics provide a wealth of information that you can use to enhance your app and its marketing. In this video you’ll find out about the key data you should monitor to understand how your app is being discovered and used; data that can tell you about the channels that bring the most valuable users, and more.
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