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Playtime 2017
Playtime 2017: The future of mobile games
The latest best practices and insights for games across data, LTV, retention tactics, YouTube and more. Understand the future of game launches on Google Play from industry experts.
How to build games with people in mind
(14 min read)
UX design
Innovating with genre mashing in mobile gaming (7 min read)
Innovation genre
Why the first ten minutes are crucial to keep players coming back (7 min read)
Rethinking interface
Google play
What's new on Google Play
Recent & new features for games on the Play Store - helping you find and engage a valuable audience.
  • Discovery and quality: Increased personalization, updated top charts, new Editors’ Choice articles in 17 countries, and new Android Excellence collections.
  • New games experience: An updated home for games with trailers and screenshots.
  • Going beyond installs: Reminders to play recently installed games, live operations banners for major in-game events, and a ‘Try it Now’ button for Android Instant Apps.
Android Excellence Games
Android Excellence
The latest collection (Fall 2017) of outstanding games that offer incredible user experiences on Android.
Indie Masterpieces
Indie Masterpieces
Our Indie Picks
Our Indie Picks
Perfect Indie Puzzlers
Perfect Indie Puzzlers
Infinite Deviation
Infinite Deviation: Meet the winners
A collaboration between Google Play and Ideas United tackling issues of representation in computer science brought the Infinite Deviation program to gaming. The top three games have now been selected.
Touchten Games
Touchten Games - Finding success in a local market
Touchten Games, winner of the Google Play Indonesia Games Contest share their success story and experience on building for the local market.
New on AR / VR
New on AR / VR
  • Poly: Quickly find 3D objects and scenes to use in your app or game. 3D creation is now easier with most 3D objects at your fingertips.
  • Resonance Audio: A new multi-platform audio SDK that brings immersive experiences with dynamical spatial sound into your game or videos.
Hand-Picked ARCore Creations #ARCore
MR Gnome Shooter
MR Gnome Shooter
Meow! - AR Cat
Meow! - AR Cat
Beer Pong AR
Beer Pong AR
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