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New in the Google Play Developer Console

  • Create promo codes to drive engagement by giving away in-app products or paid games. Learn more.
  • Translate universal ad campaigns through the App Translation Service. Learn more.
  • Use timed publishing to choose when your game updates go live on Google Play. Useful when you want to sync your updates to an event or ad campaign. Learn more.
  • Opt in to participate in developer research: We appreciate hearing what you need and how we can improve. Please review and update your preferences to participate in occasional research studies.

Latest Android news

  • Android N Developer Preview 2 now out with Vulkan, Launcher shortcuts, Emoji Unicode 9 support, API refinements, and bug fixes.
    Learn more.
  • Android Studio 2.0 now available, with features such as Instant Run to speed up development. Learn more.
  • Vulkan enables you to create high performance graphics: with better battery life, memory allocation control, and other mobile friendly features. Learn more.

New features coming to Google Play game services

  • Better games for players with Gamer IDs, so anyone can create a gaming persona, and the new Indie Corner on Google Play. Learn more.
  • Game parameters management will enable you to change gameplay and game economy characteristics, without the need to update your app.
  • Video Recording API to add video recording to your app and let users share or stream their videos on YouTube.
  • Predictive analytics in the Player Stats API will help you identify which players are likely to spend or churn, along with other new predictions.

Google Developer Day at GDC

Watch the sessions from GDC to hear about the latest features and best practices that will help you grow your game business on Google Play.


Upcoming ad features to earn, acquire, and retain players

  • Search Trial Run Ads: A new ad format to let people try your game directly from Google Search, for up to 10 minutes, before they decide whether they want to install it on their device.
  • Portrait Video Ads: Full-screen, immersive portrait video ads across the Google Display Network.
  • Active User Targeting for Games: A new AdWords targeting option to help you find game lovers – target users who have spent more than 30 minutes playing games or played a game that uses Google Play game services in the last 30 days.
  • Earn from rewarded ads: AdMob Mediation will enable you to easily monetize your apps with rewarded video ads from a number of ad providers.

In-app purchases and ads


Google Play Awards at I/O


See how developers successfully promote their games

  • To promote its new game, US developer Pocket Gems used YouTube ads to drive significant installs at a CPI of less than $1.
    Learn more [PDF]
  • Using universal app campaigns, Netherlands based Gamebasics gained 400,000 installs in two months, at average CPIs 15 percent lower than other channels. Learn more [PDF]
  • Kiyu of Taiwan used universal app campaigns to find users with a retention rate 50 percent higher than other channels. Learn more [PDF]

The rise of avid gamers on YouTube


Google Play | Indie Game Developers Days

The Google Play team is looking to meet the best independent game developers in Southeast Asia for a series of personalized workshops and mentoring sessions. The team will also share some of the initiatives designed to support indie game developers on Google Play. Please fill out the following form. If selected, we will reach out to you with further details.

Location: Hanoi, Bangkok, Singapore

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