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Welcome to our very first developer newsletter (a collector’s edition!). We hope you like it. We’d like to reach out to you occasionally to tell you about Android development happenings we think you will care about.
In this very first edition:
Android 10 launches
Android Studio 3.5 hits stable
Jetpack WorkManager and Navigation in stable
New ‘Now in Android’ blog series
Happy coding!
The Android Developers team
Android 10
Android 10
Now that Android 10 is here, it’s time to make sure your apps are compatible so users have a smooth transition. Then, when you're ready, dive into all the new features and APIs that you can use.
A better Android Studio
A better Android Studio
Android Studio 3.5 is now available for download on the stable channel.
In this release, the team focused exclusively on fundamentals, fixing hundreds of critical and annoying bugs. We also completely reworked some important features like Instant Run, which is now called Apply Changes. Experience the stability, performance, and polish of Android Studio 3.5 by downloading it today!
More Jetpack love
More Jetpack love
The team has been hard at work making high quality Android development easier with Jetpack. Check out Jetpack WorkManager (background processing) and Jetpack Navigation (in-app navigation), which are now in stable and ready for production.
Now in Android
Now in Android
One reason for this newsletter is that there is often so much happening in the Android universe that it can be hard to catch all of the news. For the same reason, we’ve started a new Android Developers Medium blog series called “Now in Android,” which shares out larger bits of developer news and releases.
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