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Resources to Learn Kotlin

Kotlin is an open source language with its own documentation and community, so we don't provide documentation about the actual language here. If you're new to Kotlin, we recommend you check out the following resources.

Documentation & Samples


  • Udacity course: "Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers". Essentials of the Kotlin programming language from Kotlin experts at Google. For programmers coming from Java or other object- oriented languages.
  • YouTube: This search for "Kotlin on Android" provides a variety of high quality technical talks.
  • O'Reilly course: An 8-hour Kotlin course, "Introduction to Kotlin Programming," by Hadi Hariri, a developer at JetBrains. Requires subscription; 10-day free trial available.
  • Treehouse course: "Kotlin for Java Developers" teaches Kotlin with an emphasis on Android. Requires subscription; 7-day free trial available.
  • Udemy course: "Kotlin for Beginners" teaches Kotlin from scratch. Requires subscription; new student discount available.


More books are listed on the Kotlin site.

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