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Architecture Components Release Notes

This page provides information about the releases of Architecture Components, including known issues, limitations, and general advisories. Please review the notes before using the Architecture Components.

Your feedback is crucial. Please report issues with Issue Tracker, so we can we can integrate your feedback into the final release.

To discuss issues or ideas with other developers working with Architecture Components, join the Android Development Google+ community and see the Architecture Components category.

Nov 8, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha11 is released. This release contains many changes that will become stable API at beta. There are breaking API changes in this release; please see the Breaking API Changes section below.

API Changes

  • work-runtime-ktx introduces a new CoroutineWorker.
  • WorkStatus has been renamed to WorkInfo. All corresponding getStatus method variants have been renamed to the corresponding getWorkInfo variants. This is a breaking change.
  • ListenableWorker.onStopped() no longer accepts has a boolean argument representing if the WorkRequest was cancelled. WorkManager no longer makes this distinction. This is a breaking change.
  • package has been renamed to package. This is a breaking change.
  • Setters on Constraints are no longer a part of the public API. This is a breaking change.
  • WorkerParameters.getTriggeredContentUris() and WorkerParameters.getTriggeredContentAuthorities() previously returned arrays. Now these methods return Collections. This is a breaking change.
  • ListenableWorker.onStartWork() is renamed to ListenableWorker.startWork(). This is a breaking change.
  • The constructor for WorkStatus is no longer a part of the public API. This is a breaking change.
  • Configuration.getMaxJobSchedulerID() and Configuration.getMinJobSchedulerID() are renamed to Configuration.getMinJobSchedulerId() and Configuration.getMaxJobSchedulerId() respectively. This is a breaking change.
  • Added a lot of @NonNull annotations to the public API to improve ergonomics of the API.
  • Add WorkManager.enqueueUniqueWork() API to enqueue unique OneTimeWorkRequests without having to create a WorkContinuation.
  • All variants of enqueue and cancel methods on WorkManager now return a new Operation type. This is a breaking change.
  • All variants of enqueue no longer accept varargs for WorkRequests. This is a breaking change. Use Collections instead. You can use Arrays.asList() to modify existing code. We did this to reduce the API surface and method count.
  • Attempting to initialize WorkManager more than once per process will now result in an IllegalStateException. This is a breaking change.

Bug Fixes

  • WorkRequest.Builders in the work-runtime-ktx artifact now use ListenableWorkers. Fixes b/117666259
  • Ensure the next run time for PeriodicWork is in the future. Fixes b/118204399
  • Remove potential disk I/O when using WorkManager on app startup. Fixes b/117796731
  • Fix a race condition in WorkConstraintsTracker. Fixes android-workmanager/issues/56

Breaking API Changes

  • WorkStatus has been renamed to WorkInfo. All corresponding getStatus method variants have been renamed to the corresponding getWorkInfo variants.
  • ListenableWorker.onStopped() no longer accepts has a boolean argument representing if the WorkRequest was cancelled. WorkManager no longer makes this distinction.
  • package has been renamed to package.
  • Setters on Constraints are no longer a part of the public API.
  • WorkerParameters.getTriggeredContentUris() and WorkerParameters.getTriggeredContentAuthorities() previously returned arrays. Now these methods return Collections.
  • ListenableWorker.onStartWork() is renamed to ListenableWorker.startWork().
  • The constructor for WorkStatus is no longer a part of the public API.
  • Configuration.getMaxJobSchedulerID() and Configuration.getMinJobSchedulerID() are renamed to Configuration.getMinJobSchedulerId() and Configuration.getMaxJobSchedulerId() respectively.
  • All variants ofenqueue and cancel methods on WorkManager now return a new Operation type.
  • All variants of enqueue no longer accept varargs for WorkRequests.
  • Attempting to initialize WorkManager more than once per process will now result in an IllegalStateException.

Nov 1, 2018


Paging 2.1.0-beta01 is released with no changes from 2.1.0-alpha01.

October 30, 2018


Room 2.1.0-alpha02 is released with several bug fixes and a new feature.

New Features

  • Added support for referencing a @DatabaseView in a @Relation. b/117680932

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Room would perform disk I/O in the main thread when subscribing and disposing from an Rx return type. b/117201279
  • Fixed a bug where Room would fail to find an appropriate type converter for a field in a Kotlin entity class. b/111404868
  • Fixed a bug where Room would generate incorrect code for a DAO interface implementation containing a Kotlin default method that has no arguments. b/117527454
  • Updated Room's SQLite grammar parser, fixing a performance issue that would cause long build times. b/117401230

October 29, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha07 is released with bug fixes and API changes.

New Features

Breaking Changes

  • The navigation-testing-ktx module has been folded into the navigation-testing artifact and will no longer be published.
  • The navigation-testing artifact now has a dependency on the Kotlin standard library. The API has been changed to be more consistent with Kotlin conventions, but you can continue to use it for tests written in Java.
  • Metadata manifest registered navigation graphs are no longer supported. b/118355937
  • Actions can no longer be attached to <activity> destinations. b/78048710

Bug Fixes

  • Deep links now correctly parse query parameters. b/110057514
  • Activity destinations now correctly apply all enter and exit animations. b/117145284
  • Fixed crash that occurs after configuration changes when using custom Navigators. b/110763345

Safe Args

  • Safe args now have a fixed dependency on Android Gradle Plugin 3.2.1. b/113167627
  • Directions can now be generated for inner classes. b/117407555
  • Fixed an issue with generating Directions to an <include> graph. b/116542123

October 12, 2018


Paging 2.1.0-alpha01 is released with two major additions - page dropping, and KTX extension libraries for every artifact - as well as several other API changes and bugfixes.

API Changes

  • Added PagedList.Config.Builder.setMaxSize() for limiting the number of loaded items in memory.
  • Added androidx.paging.Config() as a Kotlin alternative for PagedList.Config.Builder
  • Added androidx.paging.PagedList() as a Kotlin alternative for PagedList.Builder
  • Added DataSourceFactory.toLiveData() as a Kotlin alternative for LivePagedListBuilder
  • Added DataSourceFactory.toObservable() and toFlowable() as Kotlin alternatives for RxPagedListBuilder
  • Added AsyncPagedListDiffer.addPagedListListener() for listening to when PagedList is swapped. b/111698609
  • Added PagedListAdapter.onCurrentListChanged() variant that passes old and new list, deprecated previous variant.
  • Added PagedListAdapter/AsyncPagedListDiffer.submitList() variants which take an additional callback that triggers if/when the pagedlist is displayed, after diffing. This allows you to synchronize a PagedList swap with other UI updates. b/73781068
  • PagedList.getLoadedCount() added to let you know how many items are in memory. Note that the return value is always equal to .size() if placeholders are disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition when diffing if lists are reused b/111591017
  • PagedList.loadAround() now throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when index is invalid. Previously it could crash with an unclear other exception.
  • Fixed a case where an extremely small initial load size together with unchanged data would result in no further loading b/113122599

October 11, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha10 is released with support for developer-controlled asynchronous work. There are breaking API changes in this release; please see the Breaking API Changes section below.

We anticipate that WorkManager is entering the final phases of its alpha period. We expect to be API stable in beta, so please take some time to file your feedback on our issue tracker.

API Changes

  • Removed all previously deprecated methods and classes, notably the default Worker constructor. This is a breaking API change.
  • Renamed NonBlockingWorker to ListenableWorker, which is now an unhidden public class and ready for usage.
    • ListenableWorker provides access to one abstract method, ListenableFuture<Payload> onStartWork() which is called on the main thread. It is up to you to start and process work asynchronously. When finished, you should update the ListenableFuture appropriately. Reference implementations of ListenableFutures are provided in the Futures package in alpha02 (see below the WorkManager section).
    • Worker extends ListenableWorker and still operates as before, with an abstract Result doWork() method.
    • Shuffled some methods and members from Worker to ListenableWorker.
    • We shall soon provide reference implementations for ListenableWorkers that use Kotlin coroutines (once the stable versions are released) and RxJava2.
  • The interface WorkerFactory and the concrete implementation DefaultWorkerFactory have been merged into an abstract class called WorkerFactory. The implementation ensures that the default reflection-based behavior is called as a last-ditch effort for any user-created WorkerFactory instances. This is a breaking change.
  • Removed WorkManager.synchronous() and WorkContinuation.synchronous() and all related methods. Added ListenableFuture<Void> as the return type of many methods in the API. This is a breaking API change.
    • You can now synchronously get and observe by using ListenableFutures. For example, WorkManager.enqueue() used to return void; it now returns a ListenableFuture<Void>. You can call ListenableFuture.addListener(Runnable, Executor) or ListenableFuture.get() to run code once the operation is complete.
    • Note that these ListenableFutures do not tell you if the operation succeeded or failed; only that they finished. You will still need to chain WorkManager methods to find out this information.
    • We ignore cancel() calls on these objects, as they are confusing and hard to reason about (are you cancelling the operation or the resulting work?). This is within the Futures contract.
    • To maintain parity with the synchronous getStatus* methods, we have provided ListenableFuture variants, and renamed the existing ones that returned LiveData to explicitly have "LiveData" as part of the name (for example, getStatusesByIdLiveData(UUID)). This is a breaking API change.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the known issue from alpha09 regarding duplicate files. You may remove the workaround from the previous release notes by deleting exclude 'META-INF/proguard/' from your gradle file.
  • Added proguard configurations to keep new Worker constructor. b/116296569
  • Fix potential NullPointerException in a race condition where work was REPLACEd. b/116253486 and b/116677275
  • WorkContinuation.combine() now accepts one or more WorkContinuations instead of two or more. b/117266752

Breaking API Changes

  • Removed all previously deprecated methods and classes, notably the default Worker constructor.
  • The interface WorkerFactory and the concrete implementation DefaultWorkerFactory have been merged into an abstract class called WorkerFactory.
  • Removed WorkManager.synchronous() and WorkContinuation.synchronous().
  • WorkManager.getStatus*() methods now return ListenableFutures. WorkManager.getStatus*LiveData() return LiveDatas.


Futures 1.0.0-alpha02 is released.

API Changes

  • Developers can now use ResolvableFuture and AbstractResolvableFuture as lightweight concrete implementations of ListenableFuture.

October 8, 2018


Room 2.1.0-alpha01 is released.

New Features

  • FTS: Room now supports entities with a mapping FTS3 or FTS4 table. Classes annotated with @Entity can now be additionally annotated with @Fts3 or @Fts4 to declare a class with a mapping full-text search table. FTS options for further customization are available via the annotation’s methods. b/62356416
  • Views: Room now supports declaring a class as a stored query, also known as a view using the @DatabaseView annotation. b/67033276
  • Auto Value: Room now supports declaring AutoValue annotated classes as entities and POJOs. The Room annotations @PrimaryKey, @ColumnInfo, @Embedded and @Relation can now be declared in an auto value annotated class’ abstract methods. Note that these annotation must also be accompanied by @CopyAnnotations for Room to properly understand them. b/62408420
  • Additional Rx Return Types Support: DAO methods annotated with @Insert, @Delete or @Update now support Rx return types Completable, Single<T> and Maybe<T>. b/63317956
  • Immutable Types with @Relation: Room previously required @Relation annotated fields to be settable but now they can be constructor parameters.
  • enableMultiInstanceInvalidation: Is a new API in RoomDatabase.Builder to enable invalidation across multiple instances of RoomDatabase using the same database file. This multi-instance invalidation mechanism also works across multiple processes. b/62334005
  • fallbackToDestructiveMigrationOnDowngrade: Is a new API in RoomDatabase.Builder to automatically re-create the database if a downgrade happens. b/110416954
  • ignoredColumns: Is a new API in the @Entity annotation that can be used to list ignored fields by name. Useful for ignoring inherited fields on an entity. b/63522075

API / Behavior Changes

  • mCallback and mDatabase in RoomDatabase are now @Deprecated and will be removed in the next major version of Room. b/76109329

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed two issues where Room wouldn’t properly recover from a corrupted database or a bad migration during initialization. b/111504749 and b/111519144
  • Room will now properly use Kotlin’s primary constructor in data classes avoiding the need to declare the fields as vars. b/105769985

October 1, 2018

Room 2.0.0 is released with no changes from 2.0.0-rc01. Paging 2.0.0 is released with a single bugfix.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur with very fast scrolling using PositionalDataSource and placeholders b/114635383.

September 21, 2018

Lifecycle 2.0.0 is released with one bugfix from 2.0.0-rc01 in ViewModel.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a ViewModel proguard rule that incorrectly removed constructors b/112230489

September 20, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha06 is released with bug fixes and API changes.

New Features

API Changes

  • Breaking Change: The Navigator navigate() method now takes a Navigator.Extras parameter.
  • NavController's getGraph() method is now NonNull b/112243286

Bug Fixes

  • NavigationUI.setupWithNavController() no longer leaks views if used with views from individual destinations b/111961977
  • Navigator onSaveState() is now only called once b/112627079

Safe Args

  • Navigation destination Directions classes now extend their parent's Directions class if it exists b/79871405
  • Directions and Args classes now have a useful toString() implementation b/111843389

September 19, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha09 is released with bug fixes, infrastructure updates, and API changes.

Known Issue

If you run into the following issue: "More than one file was found with OS independent path 'META-INF/proguard/'", please put the following in your gradle file as a temporary workaround while we fix the issue in alpha10:

    android {
        packagingOptions {
            exclude 'META-INF/proguard/'

Bug Fixes

  • Added another fix that was needed for the "100 jobs" error. b/115560696
  • Added some fixes for foreign key constraint errors due to race conditions. b/114705286
  • Delegated ConstraintTrackingWorker.onStopped(boolean) calls to the underlying Worker. b/114125093
  • Enforce correct minimum backoff delay for Firebase JobDispatcher. b/113304626
  • Improved threading guarantees internal to the library.
  • Correct potential issue with deduping of LiveData internally.

API Changes

  • You can now create your own Worker instances at runtime by specifying a WorkerFactory as part of the WorkManager.Configuration. The fallback factory is DefaultWorkerFactory, which matches behavior of previous versions of WorkManager.
    • The default constructors for Worker and NonBlockingWorker are now marked as deprecated. Please use the new constructor (Worker(Context, WorkerParameters)) and call super(Context, WorkerParameters); future versions of WorkManager will remove the default constructor.
  • We have started using the new ListenableFuture artifact internally (free of Guava dependencies). We will introduce ListenableFutures to the API in upcoming releases. This change will support the eventual unhiding of NonBlockingWorker.
  • Add ability to trigger timed work in TestDriver via TestDriver.setInitialDelayMet(UUID) and TestDriver.setPeriodDelayMet(UUID). b/113360060

Breaking Changes

  • The default Worker and NonBlockingWorker constructors are deprecated. Please migrate to the new constructor ASAP. Future versions will remove the default constructor.

August 27, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha08 is released with bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Explicitly labelled WorkManager components as direct boot unaware so they don't fire up during direct boot. In the future, we will provide a version of WorkManager that is direct boot-aware. b/112665532
  • Fixed an issue where retried work was not running. b/112604021
  • Fixed periodic work not executing repeatedly (related to the above issue). b/112859683
  • Honored backoff policies when the app process is already running.
  • Corrected exception messages in Data to indicate the limit is 10KB.
  • Lowered maximum value of Configuration.setMaxSchedulerLimit(int) to 50 to account for some latency in JobScheduler processing completion. b/112817355

August 16, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha07 is released with bug fixes and minor API changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a potential SQL query with negative limits that could return an unbounded number of results.
  • Work that has finished execution now correctly cancels all pending copies of that work in other Schedulers. This led to exceeding the JobScheduler jobs limit. b/111569265
  • Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException in ConstraintTracker. b/112272753
  • Changed return type annotations of Data.getBooleanArray(String) and Data.getIntArray(String) to @Nullable instead of @NonNull. b/112275229

API Changes

  • Worker now extends a new class, NonBlockingWorker. This does not affect any current usage. In the future, NonBlockingWorker will become a fully supported entity for custom threading solutions.
  • Changed return type annotations of Data.getBooleanArray(String) and Data.getIntArray(String) to @Nullable instead of @NonNull. b/112275229
  • Kotlin extensions: deprecated Map.toWorkData() and added a top-level workDataOf(vararg Pair<String, Any?>) to be more consistent with existing APIs.

August 10, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha05 is released with bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug which cause incorrect backstack behavior. b/111907708
  • Fix a bug in equals() of Generated Args classes. b/111450897
  • Fix a build failure in Safe Args. b/109409713
  • Fix a conversion from resource identifiers to java names b/111602491
  • Fix error messages about nullability in Safe Args plugin.
  • Add missing nullability annotations.

August 6, 2018

AndroidX versions of Lifecycle, Room, and Paging release version 2.0.0-rc01. All artifacts are unchanged from 2.0.0-beta01.

August 1, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha06 is released with bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent a database lock when scheduling work. b/111801342
  • Fix a bug which causes PeriodicWork to not run on schedule when in Doze mode. b/111469837
  • Fix a race condition when tracking constraints which causes WorkManager to crash. googlecodelabs/android-workmanager/issues/56
  • Create unique WorkRequests when using WorkRequest.Builder#build(). b/111408337
  • Enable the use of RescheduleReceiver only when there are WorkRequests that need it. b/111765853

July 24, 2018


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha05 is released with important bug fixes and logging changes.

API Changes

  • WorkManager.getInstance() is now annotated with @NonNull instead of @Nullable. Instead, if the singleton isn't properly initialized in cases of manual initialization, the method will throw an IllegalStateException. This is a breaking API change.
  • Added a new API, Configuration.Builder.setMinimumLoggingLevel(int), which can control WorkManager verbosity. By default, WorkManager logs Log.INFO and above.
  • Changed signature of Data.getString() so it no longer takes a default value (it is implicitly null). This is a breaking API change.
  • Marked some methods needed only for internal usage as @hide. This includes the Constraints constructor, Data.toByteArray(), and Data.fromByteArray(byte[]). This is a breaking API change.

Bug Fixes

  • WorkManager no longer executes work during known cases of auto-backup. This could have resulted in a crash. b/110564377
  • Fixed double-scheduling of PeriodicWorkRequests when using JobScheduler. b/110798652
  • Fixed an issue with PeriodicWorkRequests not executing correctly after device doze. b/111469837
  • Fixed an issue with initial delays when using Firebase JobDispatcher. b/111141023
  • Fixed some potential race conditions and timing issues.
  • Correctly freed up BroadcastReceivers that were no longer needed.
  • Optimized rescheduling performance when apps restart after being force closed.
  • Allowed TestScheduler.setAllConstraintsMet(UUID) to be called before or after enqueuing the given WorkRequest. b/111238024

Breaking Changes

  • WorkManager.getInstance() is now annotated with @NonNull instead of @Nullable.
  • Changed signature of Data.getString() so it no longer takes a default value (it is implicitly null).
  • Marked some methods needed only for internal usage as @hide. This includes the Constraints constructor, Data.toByteArray(), and Data.fromByteArray(byte[]).

July 19, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha04 and the associated Safe Args gradle plugin contains a number of API changes, behavior changes, and bug fixes.

API / Behavior Changes

  • NavHostFragment will always set the current Fragment as the primary navigation fragment, ensuring that child fragment managers are popped before the outer NavController is popped b/111345778

Safe Args

  • Breaking Change: app:type has been changed to app:argType to avoid conflicts with other libraries such as ConstraintLayout 2.0.0-alpha1 b/111110548
  • Error messages from Safe Args are now clickable b/111534438
  • Args classes now confirms that NonNull attributes are actually not null b/111451769
  • Additional NonNull annotations have been added to NavDirections and Args generated classes b/111455455 b/111455456

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the system back button after deep linking to a fragment destination b/111515685

July 12, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha03 and the associated Safe Args gradle plugin contains a number of API changes, behavior changes, and bug fixes.

API / Behavior Changes

  • A NavigationUI.setupWithNavController method for Toolbar has been added b/109868820
  • A NavigationUI.setupWithNavController method for CollapsingToolbarLayout has been added b/110887183
  • popBackStack() now returns false when the back stack is empty or when the given destination ID is not in the back stack b/110893637
  • FragmentNavigator now ignores navigation operations after FragmentManager has saved state, avoiding “Can not perform this action after onSaveInstanceState” exceptions b/110987825

Safe Args

  • Breaking Change: Non-alphanumeric characters in action and argument names will be replaced by camel casing in the respective NavDirections method names
    • E.g. DemoController.index will become setDemoControllerIndex b/79995048
    • E.g. action_show_settings will become actionShowSettings b/79642240
  • Breaking Change: Arguments are now considered non-null by default. To allow null values on string and parcelable arguments, add app:nullable="true" b/79642307
  • You can now use app:type="long" with defaultValues in the form of “123L” b/79563966
  • Parcelable arguments are now supported, using a fully qualified class name for app:type. The only default value supported is "@null" b/79563966
  • Args classes now implement equals() and hashCode() b/79642246
  • The Safe Args plugin can now be applied to library projects b/80036553
  • The Safe Args plugin can now be applied to feature projects b/110011752

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues when navigating during Fragment lifecycle methods b/109916080
  • Fixed issues when navigating through nested graphs multiple times b/110178671
  • Fixed issues when using setPopUpTo with the first destination in the graph b/109909461
  • Fixed issue where all app:defaultValue values were being passed as Strings b/110710788
  • aapt2 bundled with Android Gradle Plugin 3.2 Beta 01 now adds keep rules for every android:name attribute in Navigation XML files b/79874119
  • Fixed memory leak when replacing the default FragmentNavigator b/110900142

July 2, 2018

AndroidX versions of Lifecycle, Room, and Paging release version 2.0.0-beta01.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed LifecycleObserver proguard rule to keep only implementations, not subinterfaces b/71389427
  • Fixed ViewModel proguard rules to allow obfuscation and shrinking


API / Behavior Changes

  • Added RoomDatabase.Builder.setQueryExecutor() to allow customization of where queries are run
  • Added RxJava2 Observable support
  • Generated DAO and Database implementations are now final

Bug Fixes

  • Specify class/field name in "cannot find getter for field" error b/73334503
  • Fixed RoomOpenHelper backwards compatibility with older versions of Room b/110197391


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed content disappearing in some prepend cases (placeholders disabled, PositionalDataSource) b/80149146
  • (Already released in 1.0.1) Fixed crashes where PagedListAdapter and AsyncPagedListDiffer would fail to signal move events. b/110711937

June 26, 2018


Paging 1.0.1 is released with a single bugfix in runtime. We highly recommend using 1.0.1 for stability. Paging RxJava2 1.0.1 is also released, and is identical to 1.0.0-rc1.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes where PagedListAdapter and AsyncPagedListDiffer would fail to signal move events. b/110711937


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha04 is released.

Bug Fixes

  • PeriodicWorkRequests are now correctly rescheduled when using the AlarmManager based implementation.

  • Fixed a potential ANR when rescheduling all workers after a force stop or a reboot. b/110507716

  • Added nullability annotations to various WorkManager APIs. b/110344065

  • Log uncaught exceptions that occur during Worker execution. b/109900862

  • Allowed destructive database migrations in case you decide to roll back to an older version of WorkManager. b/74633270

  • Fixed a migration crash if creating duplicate implicit tags. This is a very rare issue that occurred only if you used the same implicit tag format yourself.

June 19, 2018


Room 1.1.1 is released. This release is identical to Room 1.1.1-rc1.


WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha03 is released.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition in the AlarmManager based implementation. b/80346526.

  • Fixed duplicate jobs when using JobScheduler after a device reboot.

  • Jobs with Content URI triggers now persist across reboots. b/80234744

  • Documentation updates. b/109827628, b/109758949, b/80230748

  • Fixed a crash when re-enqueuing a WorkRequest. b/109572353.

  • Fixed Kotlin compiler warnings when using the work-runtime-ktx dependency.

  • WorkManager now uses Room version 1.1.1-rc1.

API Changes

  • Added getStatusesSync(), the synchronous version of WorkContinuation.getStatuses().

  • Worker has the ability to distinguish between user-initiated cancellation and temporary os-requested stopping. Worker.isStopped() returns true if any kind of stop has been requested. Worker.isCancelled() returns true when the work has been explicitly cancelled. b/79632247

  • Add support for JobParameters#getNetwork() on API 28. This is exposed via Worker.getNetwork().

  • Added Configuration.Builder.setMaxSchedulerLimit(int maxSchedulerLimit) so you can enforce how many jobs can be sent to JobScheduler or AlarmManager. This helps prevent WorkManager from taking all your available JobScheduler slots.

  • Added Configuration.setJobSchedulerJobIdRange(int minJobSchedulerId, int maxJobSchedulerId) which helps define a range of JobScheduler job ids safe for WorkManager to use. b/79996760

  • Worker.getRunAttemptCount() returns the current run count for a given Worker. b/79716516

  • WorkManager.enqueueUniquePeriodicWork(String uniqueWorkName, ExistingPeriodicWorkPolicy existingPeriodicWorkPolicy, PeriodicWorkRequest periodicWork) allows you to enqueue a unique PeriodicWorkRequests. b/79600647

  • WorkManager.cancelAllWork() cancels all Workers. Libraries that depend on WorkManager can query when this method was called last by using WorkManager.getLastCancelAllTimeMillis() for additional cleanup of internal state.

  • Added WorkManager.pruneWork() to remove completed jobs from the internal database. b/79950952, b/109710758

Behavior Changes

  • Added an implicit tag for all WorkRequests, which is the fully qualified class name for the Worker. This allows the ability to remove WorkRequests without tags or when the id is not available. b/109572351

Breaking Changes

  • Renamed Worker.WorkerResult to Worker.Result.

  • Worker.onStopped now has an additional isCancelled parameter which is set totrue when the Worker has explicitly been cancelled.

June 7, 2018

Navigation 1.0.0-alpha02 is released.

Behavior Changes

  • FragmentNavigator now uses setReorderingAllowed(true). b/109826220

  • Navigation now URLDecodes arguments parsed from deep links URLs. b/79982454

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an IllegalStateException when calling navigate from Fragment lifecycle methods. b/79632233

  • Navigation now depends on Support Library 27.1.1 to fix flickering when using animations. b/80160903

  • Fixed an IllegalArgumentException when using defaultNavHost="true" as a child fragment. b/79656847

  • Fixed a StackOverflowError when using NavDeepLinkBuilder. b/109653065

  • Fixed an IllegalArgumentException when navigating back to a nested graph. b/80453447

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping Fragments when using launchSingleTop. b/79407969

  • Navigation now builds the correct synthetic back stack for nested graphs. b/79734195

  • NavigationUI will now highlight the correct item when using a nested graph as a MenuItem. b/109675998

API Changes

  • The clearTask attribute for actions and the associated API in NavOptions has been deprecated. b/80338878

  • The launchDocument attribute for actions and the associated API in NavOptions has been deprecated. b/109806636

May 24, 2018

WorkManager 1.0.0-alpha02 is released.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a NullPointerException on State.isFinished(). b/79550068

  • Fixed an issue which caused Workers to be rescheduled on Application.onCreate(). b/79660657

  • Fixed an issue where you could schedule more work than is allowed by the OS. b/79497378

  • Moved cleanup of wake locks associated with Workers to the background thread.

  • The AlarmManager implementation now correctly cleans up when all pending work is complete.

  • Fixed cleanup SQL queries which affected non-English locales. b/80065360

  • Added support for floats in Data. b/79443878

  • Data.Builder.putAll() now returns an instance of the Builder. b/79699162

  • More javadoc and fixes in documentation. b/79691663

API Changes

  • Workers can react to being stopped. Worker.isStopped() can be used to check if a Worker has been stopped. Worker.onStopped() can be used to perform lightweight cleanup operations.

  • Worker.getTags() API returns a Set of tags associated with the Worker.

  • Added javax.time.Duration overloads for APIs which take a combination of duration and TimeUnits. This is guarded by @RequiresApi(26).

  • WorkManager extensions have moved from the package to the package. The old extensions are deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

  • Configuration.withExecutor() is deprecated. Use Configuration.setExecutor() instead.

May 16, 2018

Paging RxJava2 1.0.0-rc1 and Room 1.1.1-rc1 are released. We highly recommend using Room 1.1.1-rc1 instead of 1.1.0 if you are using migrations.


Fixed a bug where Room would not handle post migration initialization properly b/79362399


Paging rxjava2 is moving to release candidate with no changes from the initial alpha.

May 8, 2018

Paging 1.0, Navigation and WorkManager Alphas, Room 1.1, AndroidX

Paging 1.0.0 and Room 1.1.0 are released, along with alphas for two new Architecture Components - Navigation, and WorkManager.

Paging and Room have no changes since the latest release candidates.

New Library: Navigation

Navigation provides a framework for building in-app navigation. This initial release is 1.0.0-alpha01.

New Library: WorkManager

WorkManager simplifies scheduling and execution of guaranteed, constraint-aware background work. This initial release is 1.0.0-alpha01.


Architecture components are moving to become part of AndroidX, including updated package names, artifact names, and dependencies on other AndroidX libraries. These are released under version 2.0.0-alpha1 to use in conjuction with other AndroidX libraries.

Kotlin Extensions

ViewModel, ReactiveStreams, and Sqlite (previously 'Database' component of Room) all have Kotlin extension libraries added as part of the AndroidX alpha release. In addition, Navigation and WorkManager include -ktx modules. Each of these extension modules can be found in adding components.

May 2, 2018

  • Room 1.1.0 Release Candidate
  • Room 1.1.0-rc1 is released.

Bug Fixes

  • Room is now compatible with Kotlin 1.2.40. b/78328708

April 19, 2018

Paging Release Candidate

Paging 1.0.0-rc1 and Room 1.1.0-beta3 are released.


We do not have any more known issues or new features scheduled for the Paging 1.0.0 release. Please upgrade your projects to use 1.0.0-rc1 and help us battle test it so that we can ship a rock solid 1.0.0.

There are no changes in this release, it is the same as 1.0.0-beta1.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix compilation error when a Kotlin POJO references a relation entity that was defined in Java b/78199923

April 5, 2018

Room 1.1.0-beta2, Paging 1.0.0-beta1, and Paging RxJava 1.0.0-alpha1 are released.

Paging will be in beta for a short time before progressing to release candidate. We are not planning further API changes for Paging 1.0, and the bar for any API changes is very high.

Alpha RxJava2 support for Paging is released as a separate optional module (android.arch.paging:rxjava2:1.0.0-alpha1) and will temporarily be versioned separately until it stabilizes.

This new library provides an RxJava2 alternative to LivePagedListBuilder, capable of constructing Observables and Flowables, taking Schedulers instead of Executors:

Observable<PagedList<Item>> pagedItems =
        RxPagedListBuilder(myDataSource, /* page size */ 50)


New Features

  • RxPagedListBuilder is added via the new android.arch.paging:rxjava2 artifact.

API Changes

  • API changes to clarify the role of executors in builders:

    • Renamed setBackgroundThreadExecutor() to setFetchExecutor() (in PagedList.Builder and LivePagedListBuilder)

    • Renamed setMainThreadExecutor() to setNotifyExecutor() (in PagedList.Builder).

  • Fixed PagedList.mCallbacks member to be private.

Bug Fixes

  • LivePagedListBuilder triggers initial PagedList load on the specified executor, instead of the Arch Components IO thread pool.

  • Fixed invalidate behavior in internal DataSource wrappers (used to implement, as well as placeholder-disabled PositionalDataSource loading) b/77237534


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug in Room's Rx Single and Maybe implementations where it would recycle the query ahead of time, causing problems if you add more than 1 observer to the returned Single or Maybe instancces. b/76031240

  • RoomDatabase.clearAllTables will not VACUUM the database if it is called inside a transaction. b/77235565

March 21, 2018

Room 1.1.0-beta1, Paging 1.0.0-alpha7 and Lifecycles 1.1.1 are released.


API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • RoomDatabase.clearAllTables now tries to return space back to the operating system by setting a WAL checkpoint and VACUUMing the database.

  • @RawQuery now accepts any Pojo for the observedEntities property as long as the Pojo references to one or more entities via its Embedded fields or Relations. b/74041772

  • Paging: Room’s DataSource implementation now correctly handles multi-table dependencies (such as relations, and joins). Previously these would fail to trigger new results, or could fail to compile. b/74128314


Only one small change: android.arch.core.util.Function is moved from arch:runtime to arch:common. This allows it to be used without the runtime dependency, e.g. in paging:common below.

lifecycle:common is a dependency of lifecycle:runtime, so this change doesn’t affect lifecycle:runtime directly, only modules that depend directly on lifecycle:common, as Paging does.


Paging 1.0.0-alpha7 is released alongside Lifecycles 1.1.1. As Paging alpha7 depends on the move of the Function class mentioned above, you will need to update your lifecycle:runtime dependency to android.arch.lifecycle:runtime:1.1.1.

Paging alpha7 is planned to be the final release before Paging hits beta.

API Changes

  • DataSource.LoadParams objects now have a public constructor and DataSource.LoadCallback objects are now abstract. This enables wrapping a DataSource or directly testing a DataSource with a mock callback. b/72600421
  • Mappers for DataSource and DataSource.Factory
    • map(Function<IN,OUT>) allows you to transform, wrap, or decorate results loaded by a DataSource.
    • mapByPage(<List<IN>,List<OUT>>) enables the same for batch processing (e.g. if items loaded from SQL need to additionally query a separate database, that can be done as a batch.)
  • PagedList#getDataSource() is added as a convenience method b/72611341
  • All deprecated classes have been removed from the API, including the remains of recyclerview.extensions package, and the LivePagedListProvider.
  • DataSource.Factory is changed from an interface to an abstract class to enable map functionality.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed Builders to be final. b/70848565
  • Room DataSource implementation is now fixed to handle multi-table queries - this fix is contained within Room 1.1.0-beta1, see above.
  • Fixed a bug where BoundaryCallback.onItemAtEndLoaded would not be invoked for PositionalDataSource if placeholders are enabled and the total size is an exact multiple of the page size.

March 2, 2018

Room 1.1.0-alpha3 is released. This is the last planned alpha release for Room 1.1.0.

API Changes

  • InvalidationTracker's addObserver and removeObserver methods are now synchronous and need to be called on a non-ui thread. This prevents some race conditions while observing tables.

  • There is a new clearAllTables() method on the RoomDatabase class that will truncate all table contents. b/63807999

  • SupportSQLiteQuery now has a getArgCount() method that returns the number of query parameters. b/67038952

Bug Fixes

  • @RawQuery is now properly supported for Paging queries. b/72600425

  • Room now properly names generated Dao classes to avoid name conflicts when 2 or more Dao interfaces are inner classes in the same package and have the same name. b/73536380

  • Generic field types in Pojos are properly parsed as member of the extending class. b/73534868

  • Query parameters in Dao interfaces that are inherited from dependency artifacts are now properly parsed. b/68118746

  • Queries generated for @Relations now properly escape the field names. b/70925483

February 27, 2018

Paging 1.0.0-alpha6 is released alongside Support Library release 27.1.0. ListAdapter and a few related classes have been moved from the Paging Library directly to Recyclerview, alongside a few renames to make the function of certain classes clearer. This alpha release of paging is likely the last to have significant API breaking changes.

API Changes

  • Classes moved to recyclerview-v7:
    • ListAdapter
  • Classes renamed, and moved to recyclerview-v7:
    • ListAdapterHelper -> AsyncListDiffer
    • ListAdapterConfig -> AsyncDifferConfig
    • DiffCallback -> DiffUtil.ItemCallback
  • Classes renamed inside paging-runtime:
    • PagedListAdapterHelper -> AsyncPagedListDiffer

The classes that were moved were useful alongside RecyclerView, independent of the Paging Library. This means they can be used without depending upon a Paging alpha release, but also means apps using Paging must upgrade to Alpha 6, and Support Library 27.1.0 at the same time.

** Migration guide for Paging Alpha6: **

  • Update paging and recyclerview dependencies to android.arch.paging:runtime:1.0.0-alpha6 and
    • these must be done simultaneously, as ListAdapter was moved from Paging to RecyclerView
  • Update any references of ListAdapterHelper to AsyncListDiffer
    • getItem(index)/getItemCount() have been removed, in favor of the pattern of calling getCurrentList().getItem(index) and getCurrentList().size(), which are more explicit.
  • Update any references of ListAdapterConfig to AsyncDifferConfig
  • Update any references of DiffCallback to DiffUtil.IttemCallback
  • Update any references of PagedListAdapterHelper to AsyncPagedListDiffer
  • Update references of setList() to submitList()
    • renamed to clarify async nature of list diffing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed passing incorrect initial position to initial load when placeholders are disabled. b/73513780

February 15, 2018

Room 1.1.0-alpha2 is released.

New Features

  • Room now supports opening database in write ahead logging mode. In this mode, your writes will no longer block your read queries. Even though it consumes more memory (due to multiple connections), this mode is usually faster. By default, Room will use WAL if the device is API 16 or above and it is not a low memory device. You can control this behavior by using the setJournalMode() method on the RoomDatabase.Builder. b/67757002

  • Guava Support: Room now supports returning Guava Optional<T> or ListenableFuture<T> in DAO queries. To use ListenableFuture<T>, you need to import guava artifact from Room (

  • Room now support returning java.util.Optional<T> from DAO queries.

  • Interface methods with default implementations are now supported in @Transaction methods in DAO classes. This works for both Java 8 and Kotlin. b/72416735

Bug Fixes

  • Constructors with @Relation will not cause a compilation error if there is another constructor that can be used. b/72884434

  • Table names escaped with ' in @Query methods are now properly escaped for invalidation tracker. b/72366965

  • Room now uses the Kotlin @Metadata annotations to read class structure during the annotation processing. This means, even if a pojo is inherited from a dependency, its constructor parameter names can be read properly. b/67181813

  • An issue with finding downgrade migration paths is fixed. b/72153525

  • Non default column types are now properly handled when migrating from an existing database to Room. b/71953987

  • Room now properly handles persisting boolean? fields in Kotlin classes. b/72786402

January 22, 2018

Lifecycles 1.1.0, Room 1.1.0-alpha1 and Paging 1.0.0-alpha5 are released.

Lifecycle 1.1.0

Packaging Changes

New, much smaller dependencies are now available:

  • android.arch.lifecycle:livedata:1.1.0
  • android.arch.lifecycle:viewmodel:1.1.0

API Changes

  • The deprecated LifecycleActivity and LifecycleFragment have now been removed - please use FragmentActivity, AppCompatActivity or support Fragment.
  • @NonNull annotations have been added to ViewModelProviders and ViewModelStores
  • ViewModelProviders constructor has been deprecated - please use its static methods directly
  • ViewModelProviders.DefaultFactory has been deprecated - please use ViewModelProvider.AndroidViewModelFactory
  • The static ViewModelProvider.AndroidViewModelFactory.getInstance(Application) method has been added to retrieve a static Factory suitable for creating ViewModel and AndroidViewModel instances.

Room 1.1.0-alpha1

New Features

  • RawQuery: This new API allows @Dao methods to receive the SQL as a query parameter b/62103290, b/71458963
  • fallBackToDestructiveMigrationsFrom: This new API in RoomDatabase.Builder allows for finer grained control over from which starting schema versions destructive migrations are allowed (as compared to fallbackToDestructiveMigration) b/64989640
  • Room now only supports newer Paging APIs (alpha-4+), dropping support for the deprecated LivePagedListProvider. To use the new Room alpha, you’ll need to use paging alpha-4 or higher, and switch from LivePagedListProvider to LivePagedListBuilder if you haven’t already.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for Kotlin Kapt types. b/69164099
  • Order of fields do not invalidate schema anymore. b/64290754

Paging 1.0.0-alpha5

Bug Fixes

  • Fix page loading when placeholders are disabled b/70573345
  • Additional logging for tracking down IllegalArgumentException bug b/70360195 (and speculative Room-side fix)
  • Javadoc sample code fixes b/70411933, b/71467637

December 11, 2017

Paging alpha4-1 is released. This is a small bugfix release for Paging alpha 4.

Bug Fixes

December 7, 2017

Paging alpha4 is released, with significant changes and additions, mostly targeting network, and network + database usecases.

API Changes

  • DataSource is now an async API, to make paging directly from network easier:

    • Single entry point for initial size and data
    • Supports network retry by holding onto callback, and dispatching later
    • Threadsafe callbacks allow async loading for creating single network backed PagedList on UI thread.
    • Clearer error behavior around initial load parameters
  • TiledDataSource is renamed to PositionalDataSource to reflect its position-based indexing, and the fact that it doesn't tile when placeholders are disabled.

  • PageKeyedDataSource is added to support next/previous tokens embedded in network page loads. KeyedDataSource renamed to ItemKeyedDataSource to make difference clear.

  • LivePagedListBuilder and DataSource.Factory replace LivePagedListProvider. The builder provides the same capability with more customization and simpler defaults. The factory allows DataSource generation code to remain independent of LiveData.

  • PagedList.BoundaryCallback added for the database + network usecase.

  • PagedList.Builder constructor takes DataSource + PagedList.Config, now more similar to LivePagedListBuilder, and allows diamond operator in Java language, or inferred types in Kotlin.

  • PagedList.getConfig() added, and PagedList.Config now has public member properties.

  • KeyedDataSource.loadBefore() no longer expects results reversed.

  • PagedListAdapter.onCurrentListChanged() added to listen for updates on which PagedList is being displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException in PagedListAdapter(Helper) b/67883658

1.0.0 - November 6, 2017

All major components (except Paging) are now 1.0.0. This is the exact same release as rc1 except for one change to the reactivestreams library.

Bug Fixes

Release Candidate - October 18, 2017

All major artifacts (except Paging) are now 1.0.0-rc1.

We do not have any more known issues or new features scheduled for the 1.0.0 release. Please upgrade your projects to use 1.0.0-rc1 and help us to battle test it so that we can ship a rock solid 1.0.0.

Behavior Change

  • With this release, Lifecycle.Event#ON_STOP is now dispatched when onSaveInstanceState is called (previous, it was just marked as CREATED without dispatching ON_STOP). You can read more about it in the Lifecycles documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Room:

    • Room now depends on the latest xerial artifact which fixes the OutOfMemory problems during compilation. b/62473121
    • Query methods can now be annotated with @Transaction. See reference docs on @Transaction for details. b/65112315
    • StringUtil class in Room is removed from the public API (it was never intended as a public API).
  • Lifecycles:

    • LiveData properly works when Activity is partially covered on API < 24. b/65665621

    • OnLifecycleEvent methods in parent classes are now properly called or a warning is printed during compilation if it is not possible. b/63474615

    • Lifecycle now holds a WeakReference back to its LifecycleOwner to avoid leaking the LifecycleOwner if Lifecycle is kept in memory longer than usual (this is just a precaution, you should still be careful not to leak the Lifecycle).

October 9, 2017

Paging alpha-3 is released; which makes it compatible with the beta 2 release of Lifecycles and Room.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Paging documentation.

October 5, 2017

All major artifacts (except Paging) are now beta 2. There is no new version of Paging in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Lifecycles:

    • LiveDataReactiveStreams now properly unsubscribes from the source publisher when LiveData is not active. b/62609183
    • Lifecycle events are properly propagated to parent classes when the parent class is from another module. b/63474615
    • LiveData properly handles observers when they unsubscribe during subscrition creation. b/66337741
    • FullLifecycleObserver for Java 8 Language artifact is now available in the dependency tree. b/66525578

    • For proguard, please add the following lines to your proguard file. (This won't be necessary when 1.0.0 ships)

      • -keep class * implements android.arch.lifecycle.GeneratedAdapter {<init>(...);}
  • Room:

    • Room now prints an error at compile time when the returned Pojo in a @Query method has a @NonNull field that does not match any of the columns in the query response. If the field is @Nullable, Room only prints a warning. b/67115337
    • Room now validates indices in newer OS versions. b/63132683
    • Room picks no-arg constructor by default if there are mutliple matching constructors in a Pojo. b/67353427
    • Single column primary keys can be Nullable if it is an Integer or a Long. b/67086876
    • Invalidation tracker properly handles re-entry in test mode. b/65471397
    • Room now checks for invalid characters in column and table names at compile time (invalid characters: `, "). b/64749111

September 21, 2017

With this release, all Architecture Components modules reach to at least beta 1 (except the new Paging Library which is alpha 2).

We are not planning any more API changes. Unplanned changes might happen, but the bar for changing any API before 1.0.0 stable is very high and unlikely to happen.

  • LifecycleActivity & LifecycleFragment will be removed before 1.0.0 stable. They are not needed when using Support Library 26.1.0 or later.

Unlike the alpha phase, beta phase is scheduled to be a very short duration.

Version Changes

  • Lifecycle Extensions and Room are now beta 1
  • Paging is now alpha 2
  • No changes in Lifecycles (runtime, common) and Arch Core (common). Both of these artifacts are version 1.0.0 since September 13.

New Artifacts

  • Lifecycles now have a new artifact called common-java8. This artifact contains a new interface called DefaultLifecycleObserver; which has default implementations for all Lifecycle methods. If you are using Java 8 language, you should prefer this artifact over annotations.

    • Due to a bug in beta1, you need to add an explicit dependency on android.arch.lifecycle:common:1.0.1 module to use the new common-java8 artifact. This issue will be fixed in beta2.

Packaging Changes

  • has been moved to android.arch.persistence.db
  • has been moved and renamed to android.arch.persistence.db-framework

Both of these artifacts are already a dependency on Room so unless you were directly using them, you should not need to change anything in your build files.

API Changes

  • Room:

    • @ColumnInfo annotation now supports setting a collation on the column. b/62007004
    • transient fields are now ignored by default unless they are annotated with @ColumnInfo, @Embedded or @Relation. b/62600692
    • Primary Keys must be annotated with @NonNull unless they are auto generated. b/64292391
      • This change may require a schema migration. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    • Added a new convenience annotation (@Transaction) which overrides a DAO method and runs it inside a transaction.
  • Support SQLite Database:

  • Paging:

    • Improved Paging documentation with more examples and thread annotations.

Bug Fixes

  • Room:
    • Kotlin multi-line strings in @Query methods are handled properly. b/65809374
  • Paging:
    • Paging artifact does not depend on junit anymore. b/65690261

1.0.0 Alpha 9-1 - September 13, 2017

This is a major release where core lifecycle artifacts (runtime, common) and arch core (common) reach to stable version 1.0.0.

Along with this change, Support Library 26.1.0 now depends on these libraries. Both AppCompatActivity and Support Fragment now implement the LifecycleOwner interface.

This release also depends on Support Library 26.1.0 to take advantage of the new integration.

New Library: Paging

This release also includes a new library called Paging, which allows easily loading large data sets into a RecyclerView in chunks when necessary. Paging is released as alpha1 and will have its own release cycle.

API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Generated classes are now annoated with @Generated if the app has the annotation in the classpath. b/35754819

  • Fixed MediatorLiveData's observer comparison bug. b/64413274

  • SQLite WITH queries are now supported with [LiveData]. [ref-LiveData] b/62510164

  • Fixed a bug where InvalidationTracker would not send the right list if more than 1 table is observed. b/65099281

  • Fixed a bug where Room would generate different files on Windows. b/64470691

  • LifecycleObservers in root package are now supported. b/62310817

1.0.0 Alpha 9 - August 16, 2017

Bug fixes

1.0.0 Alpha 8 - August 1, 2017

Behavior Changes

  • NOT NULL constraint is added for columns of primitive types or columns annotated with NonNull. This changes the structure of your tables, so if you're already using Architecture Components alpha 7 or earlier, you need to implement a migration if you want to keep the data, or use the fallbackToDestructiveMigration() method in the builder. b/62007004

API Changes

1.0.0 Alpha 7 - July 26, 2017

Bug fixes

1.0.0 Alpha 6 - July 25, 2017

Behavior changes

  • The order of LifecycleObserver calls was changed. Previously observers were always called in the order of their addition: if observer1 is added before observer2, it will receive ON_CREATE and all other events before observer2. This is no longer true for destruction events, for them observers are called in the reverse order of addition. So current behavior is: if observer1 is added before observer2, then ON_CREATE is sent first to observer1, then to observer2 (same happens for ON_START and ON_RESUME), but ON_PAUSE event is sent first to observer2 and only then to observer1 (same for ON_STOP and ON_DESTROY).

  • Room throws an exception if migration is missing. Previously Room would just clear the database, but now it crashes. Developers can opt-in to the clearing behavior by calling the builder API. b/63872392

API Changes

  • Added fallbackToDestructiveMigration() method to RoomDatabase.Builder to clear the database if migration is missing. b/63872392

  • Architecture components now depend on support library 26.0.0

Bug fixes

1.0.0 Alpha 5 - July 18, 2017

API Changes

You need to depend on artifact to add RxJava support to Room.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed @Delete queries without any parameters. b/63608092

  • Fixed Room type checks for getters and setters. b/63733651

1.0.0 Alpha 4 - July 11, 2017

API Changes

  • Added a new convenience method (runInTransaction()) to RoomDatabase.

  • @Insert, @Delete and @Update methods can now how parameters from different entity types. b/62682405

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed byte[] handling in @Dao methods. b/62460045

  • Migration check in Room now uses case-insensitive comparison. b/62875382

  • Fixed the proguard configuration for the Lifecycles artifact. b/62113696

1.0.0 Alpha 3 - June 15, 2017

API Changes

  • @OnLifecycleEvent supports only 1 event parameter now. This is a change in preparation for Java 8 support so that we can migrate to interfaces with default methods in the future. In relation to this change, only the @OnLifecycleEvent(ON_ANY) annotated methods can receive a second parameter of type Event (first parameter is the LifecycleOwner). See Lifecycle docs for details.

  • LifecycleActivity and LifecycleFragment classes are moved into the android.arch.lifecycle:extensions artifact.

  • MigrationTestHelper receives the Instrumentation instance instead of the Context to be able to read the schema from the test assets and create the database in the application context.

  • @Insert, @Delete and @Update annotations in @DAO methods can now have Iterable as the parameter type. b/62259820

Bug Fixes

  • Overridden methods with lifecycle events are not called multiple times anymore.

  • Multiple IN parameters are now handled properly. b/62608681

  • Abstract DAO classes can now have a constructor that receives the @Database instance. b/38488747

  • DAO's can now have a super class/interface with type parameters. b/62103620

1.0.0 Alpha 2 - June 2, 2017

API Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Proguard files for lifecycles. (b/62113696)
  • Loss of data with Type Converters. (b/62100716)
  • Allow returning Long[] from @Insert queries.

1.0.0 Alpha 1 - May 17, 2017

MinSDK: 14

General advisories

  • While we did a lot of testing prior to launch, Architecture Components are currently in alpha. If you’re building a production app, be aware that the API will change before the 1.0 release and might not be fully robust. If you’re not comfortable debugging problems in libraries you use, we recommend trying Architecture Components in side projects first.

  • We’re not recommending that everyone migrate today. We’ll have a migration guide ready for the 1.0 release of architecture components.

Known limitations and issues