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App Actions

With App Actions, your app can be recommended to users as a way to fulfill their needs - at the moment they need it the most. By registering your app to handle one or more user intents, users will be able to see and interact with your app across multiple Google and Android surfaces.

Google provides a rich, ever-growing catalog of common intents. You can associate capabilities and content in your app to the intents in this catalog or define your own custom intents.

Get notified when App Actions are available

Increase reach and engagement

Get your app discovered in more places across multiple Google and Android surfaces. Your actions can appear in the Android launcher, Smart Text Selection, the Google Search app, the Google Assistant, and the Play Store.

Enhance Actions with Slices

Slices are customizable templates that enable you to create an even richer user experience. With Slices, you can include things like text, images, videos, and interactive controls that allow users to engage with your app right from within the Google Search app and the Google Assistant.

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Note: Slices will start appearing soon for users, but you can start building today.
For more information, see the Getting Started guide.

Extend Actions with the Google Assistant

Reach users in new ways by building Conversational Actions for the Google Assistant and reach 500M+ devices where the Google Assistant is present, including voice-activated speakers, smart displays, cars, TVs, headphones, and more. Conversational Actions can be a new standalone access point for your service or a companion to your Android app. They enable you to interact with your users using rich voice and UI-based exchanges and use the same common intent catalog as App Actions.

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