New Android game development features and guides

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This topic lists the newest Android game development features and guides. It also lists the release notes pages for Android game development features.

  • Get started with native C and C++ development for the Play Games Services V2 SDK. This guide describes how to set up your native C and C++ game projects to use Play Games Services and implement the sign-in service.

  • Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) is a set of APIs for optimizing the dynamic thermal, CPU, and GPU management features on Android devices.

  • Get started with Unity and Google Play Games for PC is a codelab that describes how to set up and deploy a Unity game to Google Play Games for PC.

  • Google Play Games Services V2 guides are now hosted on this website. Google Play Games Services is a set of gaming and distribution features that provide social engagement and multi-device support on Android and Chrome OS.

  • Google Play Games for PC is a new platform that brings your Android game to Windows using high performance emulation and cross-device play between Android, Chrome OS, and Windows while using the same codebase.

  • Game development basics introduces Android developers to concepts needed to begin developing games for Android, such as game engines, graphics APIs, and the Android NDK.

  • The Memory Advice API provides memory use estimates and notifications that help Android apps stay within safety limits for memory use.

  • The Game Mode API and Game Mode Interventions allow you to optimize gameplay by prioritizing characteristics such as performance or battery life based on users settings or game specific configurations.

Release notes

  • Android Game Development Kit (AGDK)

  • Android Game Development Extension for Visual Studio (AGDE)

  • Android GPU Inspector (AGI)

  • The Google Play Services (includes Google Play Games Services and Google Play Games for PC)