Android 11 beta

We’ve got all the important announcements you need for the beta launch here. Check out all the new features in the newest release of Android by downloading the Android 11 beta. Keep the conversation going using #Android11.
*available on Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4, or 4a devices!
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Now that Android 11 APIs and behaviors are finalized, it’s time to make sure your apps are compatible. Read more about why this is important and how you can get your apps ready.

Android 11 Talks

As part of the Android 11 Beta launch, we've released 12 talks on your favorite Android development topics.

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A global series of online community meetups to discuss what’s new in Android 11, how to make your app compatible, and the essentials and best practices of modern Android development.
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Follow along as each week we deep dive into different Android topics, with new content in areas like UI, Android Jetpack and Machine Learning.

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Take a closer look at some of the key announcements from the launch of Android 11.
Technical resources to take advantage of new Android 11 features and understand what changes you should prepare for in your apps.
Updates include faster Kotlin annotation processing, parallel device testing, wireless debugging, new Android Game Development extension for Visual Studio, and much more.
This new release is packed with features you've been asking about, like Constraint Layout, Testing, and Animations.
The completely redesigned Google Play Console is now clearer and easier to use, and provides more ways to get the answers you need.
Development tools, APIs, language, and distribution technologies recommended by the Android team to help you be productive and create better apps that run across billions of devices.
Introducing three new Android Jetpack libraries: Hilt, App Startup, and Paging 3.