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Promote Your App with Ads

Users have a huge amount of choice when it comes to which apps they install and use, so it’s important to actively find new ways to promote your app and drive ongoing engagement. AdWords campaigns, which you create in the Google Play Developer Console, are a powerful and effective way to do both.

Drive installs with universal app campaigns

AdWords is a powerful way to scale app promotion across Google networks and find customers who are most likely to install your app. AdWords promotes your app to interested users where they spend time on phones and tablets – with app install ads on Google Play, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and within apps and across the web.

By creating a universal app camapign, you can reach all of these networks. This type of campaign allocates ads, bids, and budgets automatically, making it easier to improve install volume for your app.

To learn more about creating universal ad campaigns, read the article about creating an AdWords campaign for your app in the Google Play Developer Console Help Center.

From Google Play

Reach users as they search for apps and games on Google Play.

From Google Search

Connect with users as they search for content and services provided by your app.

From YouTube

Promote your app when users are watching related videos.

From apps

Reach users while they’re engaged with apps and games across the AdMob network.

From the web

Reach users while they’re engaged with websites across the Google Display Network.


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