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Build Buzz

With more apps published each week in Google Play, building buzz around your own apps helps them get noticed and makes it easier for users to find and download them.

Building buzz doesn’t have a single formula. The tools and techniques described here have worked for other developers, but finding the right mix will depend on your apps, your audience, and your competition. And don’t be afraid to try something different or quirky, taking a risk could pay big dividends.

After publishing your apps, you can take Android users directly to your app/games detail page on Google Play by providing links in your social network posts, ad campaigns, app reviews and articles, your website, and more.

You can also link to:

Use the Google Play Badge

Google Play badges are an especially great way let Android users know that your apps are available and link them directly to your Google Play page. Users are more likely to download and trust your apps and games when the Google Play badge is used.

Badge your websites, collateral, and ad campaigns. With the badge generator, they're also easy to make and available in multiple languages.

Cross-Promote from Your Other Apps

Cross-promoting related apps.

Cross promoting, or house ads, is a great cost effective way to get users to try out new titles. Be sure that your house ad is unobtrusive and presented at a time convenient for users to leave your apps and try out your new title. Also, be sure to include logic that allows users to dismiss the ad and control if they will be asked again later.

Consider using free AdMob house ads within your apps to create awareness and promote your entire portfolio of apps. When launching new apps, an easy way to quickly attract users is to promote directly to your existing customers.

Hold a Contest

Contests can be a great way to engage your users. If you have a game, hold a tournament and promote it through your marketing channels. Use Google Play Games APIs for leaderboards and achievements to stimulate competition. Some app developers have provided prizes for creative uses of an app or social engagement. For example, a photo app developer can hold a photo contest.

But be sure you’re complying with the appropriate legal requirements in your country and provide a clear set of terms and conditions, accessible online. Don’t let a lack of attention to detail spoil a great marketing opportunity.

Leverage PR

Public Relations outreach can be a valuable marketing initiative. Many developers use PR to announce new features in their apps or games, which, in turn, builds demand for the updated release when it comes out. You can also provide early copies of your app or game for the press to review, and publish their reviews when the app or game launches.

Use Social Media

Social media is your opportunity to build promotion for your apps. Start with your own channels: update users on your plans before launch, announce your launch, and talk about progress after launch (downloads, new features, and alike.) Then expand by encouraging your users to forward and share your posts.

Take advantage of bloggers. Look for bloggers that cover Android and learn what interest them. Remember to look locally as well as globally, gaining a local following can be a great springboard to global success. When you’ve selected a target group of bloggers focus on them by sending details of your apps and free versions if the apps are priced. Follow up and ask them to review your apps. A review on the right blog is a great promotion.

Publish YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are now an essential part of building buzz. Use them to showcase your apps’ feature. Remember to do this before, at, and after launch. Taking users on a journey through the development of your apps can be a great way to drive downloads at launch.

Advertise your app in other apps to increase downloads. There are many tools to help you target the right users for your apps and games. You can use AdMob to drive installs of your app at a target cost-per-acquisition (CPA). You also get free house ads for your own app. Sign up for an AdMob account to get started.

Maximize your Marketing Spend

Maximize buzz and leverage the halo effect of cross-platform, multimedia, simultaneous launches.

Developers who launch on multiple platforms at the same time have received a 10-20% uplift.If you’re spending money to advertise your launch or spending effort on press, shipping on multiple platforms simultaneously helps you maximize your return on investment.

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