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The Google Play Opportunity

Reach Users Around the World

Google Play is the premier store for distributing Android apps. When you publish on Google Play, you put your apps in front of over 1 billion active Android users, in more than 190 countries and territories across the world.

Discovery on the Play Store and the top lists

The Play Store has been built to make discovering relevant apps, games, and other content simple and pleasurable. Users can browse over 30 categories of ranked apps. They can also discover popular and trending apps from one of the ‘top charts’; updated throughout the day, they’re even country-specific in Google Play's most popular countries.

Your Play Store listing

Your app’s Play Store listing is where users come to find out everything about your app: hero image or video, age rating, total downloads, summary rating, features, and screenshots. Users can also see the ratings and reviews left by other users, which are an important influence on your app’s ranking in lists and search. When creating your app’s page you can take advantage of Store Listing Experiments to test variations in text and graphics and find the combination that drives the most downloads.

Your developer page

You can now promote your brand using your new developer page. Add a hero image, logo, and description, then optionally add a link to your website and a featured app. This is a great way to increase exposure, in addition to your developer-specific app collection on Google Play.

Discovery through search

Search on Google Play is one of the single biggest drivers of installs and it lets users pinpoint an app or game quickly. Search uses powerful heuristics to suggest terms as the user types, and it offers direct links to apps as suggestions. In results, users find the most relevant and most popular apps at the top.

Personalized browsing experience

Using manual and algorithmic curation, the Play Store creates unique collections that represent deeper user interests. These collections are then matched with a user’s interests and displayed on their Play Store home page. Since its introduction this more-personalized approach to app listings has doubled the likelihood a user will install an app. This example shows the home page of a user who enjoys outdoor activity and fitness apps.

The Google Play editorial team bring the best apps to the attention of users through the Featured, Staff Picks, and Editor’s Choice collections. Periodically they also create app collections based on a theme or seasonal event. The apps and games featured will include some that are popular and well known, but also innovative and groundbreaking apps that haven’t built their ranking yet.

Editor's Choice, Top Developer, and Other Badges

The best apps and games and the developers who create them are awarded badges by the Google Play editorial staff: Editors’ Choice, Top Developer, and others. Displayed with the app and developer name when they are seen in Google Play, they give users an additional level of trust and confidence in your apps.

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