Test your app in each language to ensure a successful launch

  • Launch
  • Go global
  • Test

When you localize your app test each language thoroughly, with the same rigor you tested your initial native language version.

Why it works

Even the best translator can miss language nuances that users will identify quickly once your app has been released. By testing your localizations, you’ll avoid language or content slip-ups that could be detrimental to your app’s reception.

Best practices

  • Where possible, always use native-language speakers to test your localization.
  • On each test device, set the language or locale in Settings. Install and launch the app and then navigate through all of the UI flows, dialogs, and user interactions. Enter text in inputs.
  • Look out for clipped text or text that overlaps the edge of UI elements or the screen.
  • Verify that text is line wrapped appropriately.
  • Check for incorrect word breaks or punctuation.
  • Validate alphabetical sorting to ensure the order is as expected.
  • Make sure all layouts and text directions are correct.
  • Watch for untranslated text; check that the resources directory is marked with the correct language qualifier.
  • Test for default resources.