Pre-launch marketing helps drive awareness and build anticipation for apps and games before launch. Capture early consumer interest and accelerate launch performance with a pre-registration campaign on Google Play.

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How it works

  • Pre-registration ties pre-launch marketing to your store listing on Google Play. Once pre-registration is turned on, your store listing becomes searchable on the Play Store where users can learn about and pre-register for your app or game before launch.
  • Drive traffic to your store listing page by promoting your pre-registration campaign across a variety of marketing channels.
  • After you launch, users who have pre-registered will receive a push notification letting them know your app or game is available for their device. Eligible devices will have the app or game automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Many pre-registration campaigns result in accelerated installs post-launch from pre-registrations converting to installs.

Key features

  • Create a custom store listing during pre-registration, tailoring your assets and messaging for specific countries and pre-launch.
  • Make your app eligible for auto install so users can opt-in to have Play deliver your app to their device automatically on launch day.
  • Offer a pre-registration reward by giving users a managed product for free after they pre-register for your app or game. Rewards are a great way to drive higher consumer interest in your campaigns.
  • Drive pre-registration demand by allowing users to engage with your app or game before launch with a Google Play Instant version of your app or game during your pre-registration campaign.
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Best practices

  • Before turning on pre-registration, make sure to do the following:
    • Set up the appropriate device targeting in the device catalog based on your distribution plans for launch. This will control which users can pre-register.
    • Consider offering an exclusive item as your pre-registration reward to incentivize and excite users. We recommend using a unique managed product as a reward so you can identify these pre-registered users within the app or game and measure their performance.
    • Make your app eligible for auto install:
      • Correctly fill out your ads declaration and keep it consistent between pre-registration and your production launch.
      • If your app or game will use In App Products, you must roll out a release (ideally on a closed or internal track) with an APK/app bundle that declares <uses-permission android:name="" /> in the Android app manifest.
  • Turn on pre-registration 3-6 weeks before your planned launch date and prior to starting your pre-registration marketing campaign.
  • Let users try your app or game and get excited about pre-registering by offering a Google Play Instant experience during your pre-registration campaign.
  • Create a multi-channel marketing campaign including the official pre-registration badge and a clear call-to-action throughout all of your marketing assets to drive traffic to your store listing page.
  • Localize your marketing assets and create custom store listings by country, using local language and art style, to drive higher conversion.

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