Monitor your app’s stats and review alerts for unexpected changes

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Google Play shows you useful metrics and insights about your app; such as installs, sales, crashes, and ratings. Regularly review your app's stats to understand how it's performing. Differentiate trends from noise with 30-day rolling averages. Check your alerts to spot sudden changes and consider opting in to receive alerts by email. Download any configured reports to perform your own analysis.

Why it works

Changes in your app's performance can indicate both good and bad things — the success of an ad campaign or users arriving at an app condition where crashes start to occur. By routinely assessing your app's stats and alerts you can quickly spot changes, then correct issues before they adversely affect your users' experience or app's rating.

How to do it

  1. To view an app's stats in the Play Console open All Applications and select an app you'd like to view. Then choose either Statistics or Dashboard to see information on your app's performance.
  2. To review alerts, simply click the orange alerts icon in the Play Console
  3. To receive alerts by email, click Settings and then Email Preferences. You can then choose the alerts you want and how they are sent to you.

Best practices

  • Customize your dashboard and track your app's performance data. Cards in each section let you see your app's recent performance data and key insights by set time periods. You can also customize the dashboard by expanding or collapsing sections, so you can see more information about what matters to you most.
  • Keep track of your installs on active devices. This gives you an accurate measure of your install base. You've already passed a big hurdle getting the app on the user's device. Use this metric to understand key attributes about your install base.
  • Examine your performance per user. Many of the stats show the first action taken by a user. This gives you insight into how users are installing and uninstalling your app. Subsequent actions taken by the same user will not be counted.
  • Examine your performance per device. This allows you to see installs per device. With this metric you can watch upgrades as well.
  • Keep track of app quality. Crashes, ratings, and reviews are all indicators of app quality. Users deserve high-quality apps and will reward you with loyalty.
  • Align with business reporting. Use weekly, monthly, and quarterly roll-ups to better match statistics reporting with your business cadence and reporting cycles.