Offer your family or kid-focused apps to parents with Designed for Families

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If you’ve built great apps designed for kids or families, the family discovery experience on Google Play is a great way to surface them to parents.

Why it works

Parents are constantly looking for apps and games that are family-friendly. By adding your apps to the Designed for Families program and surfacing them through the new Google Play Family section, parents will be able to find your apps and games more easily.

Key features

  • Dedicated store section for family and kids apps. The new Family section in Apps & Games on Google Play gives you improved visibility to parents. This section includes uniquely merchandised content, new categories, and age-based browsing. Participating apps will receive this additional visibility on top of their existing categories, rankings, and reviews.
  • Better visibility in searches made by parents and kids. Only apps and games opted in to the Designed for Families program will show up in searches initiated from the Family section in Apps & Games. They’ll also be more visible when users search for family- or kid-related content from anywhere on Google Play.
  • Familiar brands and beloved characters are easy to find. Character pages let parents discover your apps and games based on familiar brands and beloved characters, providing a powerful way for parents to discover content and enabling you to reach a highly relevant and targeted audience.
  • Extra visibility with the family star badge. Apps that are part of the Designed for Families program are marked with the family star badge, which reflects the target age you select for your apps and serves as a signal of quality for parents.
  • Families can share apps in the Google Play Family Library. Parents can purchase and share apps and games from Google Play with up to six family members with Google Play Family Library.

How to do it

  1. Select your apps that have specific benefit or relevance for audiences under the age of 13. If your app is designed for both children under the age of 13 as well as teens or adults, you can select the “Mixed Audience” category.
  2. Ensure that these apps meet the Designed for Families program requirements.
  3. Opt-in your apps and games to Designed for Families from the All Applications page in the Play Console, under Pricing and Distribution.

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