How to reach a valuable audience for your app

Drive visits to your store listing

Encourage app installs from the Google Search Network including Google Play, YouTube, other mobile apps, and Google Display Network.

Go global successfully

Conduct thorough research to understand and account for local tastes and preferences when launching outside your home market.

Drive installs from links, search, and YouTube

Help users install your app with links from the places they’re looking for content or to complete an action.

Get referrals with Firebase Invites

Drive installs by enabling your users to share an app or in-app content with people they know through email or SMS.

Understand and improve your store conversions

Understand how you acquire valuable users

Gain insight into how users are finding and acquiring your app from the User Acquisition tab in the Google Play Console.

Run store listing experiments

Find the combinations of text and graphics that drive the most installs by testing various elements of your app’s store listing.

Understand what users are saying about your app

Analyze user reviews

Understand opinions about your app by viewing top trends and performing deeper analysis to identify the issues affecting users the most.