Drive installs from shared links, Google search, the mobile web, and YouTube

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  • Firebase

Use features offered by Google, Firebase, and YouTube to give users the opportunity to install your app when they're navigating the web.

Why it works

You can make your app much more discoverable by giving users the opportunity to install it while performing their usual web activities, such as searching, browsing your site, following shared links, and watching videos. That way, you don't have to rely solely on encouraging users to visit the Play store to install your app.

How to do it

  • Drive installs from shared links. When a new user follows a link created with Firebase Dynamic Links on their Android device, they'll be prompted to install your app. After installation, they're deep linked into your app, directly to the promoted content.
  • Drive installs from your mobile site. Add a native app install banner to your mobile website and Google Chrome will automatically prompt more frequent visitors to install your app.
  • Drive installs when users sign-in to your site. By adding the Google Sign-In button to your website, you can automatically prompt your users to install your Android app over the air to their Android devices.
  • Drive installs from videos. Use YouTube cards to add links to your apps or game to relevant portions of your YouTube videos.