How to keep users coming back to your app again and again

Encourage repeat visits to your app

Use Google and Firebase tools so users get to your app when performing tasks, following links, or opening search results.

Engage with rich notifications

Deliver meaningful information to your users with the right number and frequency of notifications to keep them engaged with your app.

Integrate more engaging features

Get things done with Actions on Google

Enable Actions on Google so that users can interact with your content and features from the Google Assistant.

Help users interact with nearby people and devices

Easily set up multiplayer games, ad-hoc groups, sharing, or collaboration, as well as use information from beacons and things.

Integrate maps and information about places

Give your app better location awareness by including data-rich maps, helping users find relevant places nearby and more.

Add more engaging features with Google Play games services

Keep players more engaged with seamless sign-in, friends, achievements, cloud save, leaderboards, video recording, and more.

Connect to the Google Fit Platform

Provide users with health and fitness information using sensors in the devices they own and by connecting to new data sources.

Interact with and understand your audience

Engage with users positively through their reviews

Browse your app’s ratings and reviews, and thank users for their feedback, taking care to respond positively to critics.

Segment your users for effective remarketing with Google Analytics for Firebase

Identify interesting groups within your user population so you can create effective remarketing campaigns to re-engage them.

Make your app more engaging across devices

Optimize for Chromebooks

Prepare your app for new UI paradigms, hardware interactions, and more to take advantage of the growing market for Chromebooks.

Make your app more useful by extending to Android Wear

Extend features, such as actionable notifications, to Wear devices to connect with your users no matter what they are doing.

Let users cast to screens and speakers

Give users the bigger picture and the fullest sound by streaming your content to their TV or speakers using Chromecast.

Advanced best practices

Keep your users when migrating or merging apps

Learn about best practices for retaining users when your business needs to introduce them to a replacement app.

Consider the pros and cons of unbundling your apps

Gain an understanding of how to judge if it makes sense to deliver your features and content in multiple apps.