Re-engage your users using audience lists created in Google Analytics for Firebase

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Use Google Analytics for Firebase to identify specific groups within your user population and create remarketing campaigns to re-engage them.

Why it works

Using Google Analytics for Firebase, specify the criteria you care about to segment your data in tens of thousands of different ways. Use these segments to create audience lists of app users, called custom audiences, to target with remarketing. When you find something particularly interesting, you can even create lists directly from your reports.

How to do it

  • Add the Firebase SDK to your new or existing app. Data collection begins automatically.
  • Define custom audiences in the Firebase console based on device data, custom events, or user properties.
  • Use your custom audiences to target users with messages, promotions, or new app features using other Firebase tools, such as Notifications and Remote Config.

Best practices

  • Use audience lists to serve in-app purchase ads and experiences to users who are likely to purchase content, while continuing to serve traditional ads to users who are unlikely to make such purchases.
  • Use Google Ads remarketing campaigns to reach out to users who haven't visited your app in a while by creating an audience list.