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Determine if unbundling makes sense for your business

Many developers replicate their full web experience to apps, resulting in overly complex, bloated apps. Unbundling into multiple apps provides a way to create specific, discrete entry points for users.

Why it works

By unbundling you can create tailored experiences, but be aware of the potential impact on discovery, conversion, and the complexity and cost of managing multiple apps. If you've multiple apps, an unbundling strategy should be determined for each app: what works for one app may not work for another, given each app's uses and context. Ultimately, you must decide on the best approach for your app and business.

Factors to consider

  • What is the app's core experience? If your app has multiple pieces of functionality, unbundling can help streamline the app and make it more intuitive for users. Don't let product roadmaps dictate decisions around unbundling. Just because you launch a new feature doesn't mean it will gain a large enough audience to survive as a stand-alone app.
  • Does the app have audiences that are distinct enough to warrant separation? Unbundling allows you to create customized app experiences for specific audiences.
  • How do users discover the app? For specific categories, niche Search traffic is instrumental to driving install conversion. Analyze your apps user conversion funnel to determine where your traffic comes from and whether this should influence your decision.
  • How is your organization staffed and resourced? Make sure you have enough people to build and maintain multiple apps. Small organizations may suffer bandwidth constraints, while larger organizations may face internal complexity if there's not a robust product management system in place. Ensure you can invest adequate time and money in marketing the new apps.
  • Is testing and feature iteration important for your business? Unbundling is an easy way to test new app features. This may help some large apps to achieve regular or timely iterations that might otherwise be difficult due to complex or time consuming internal approvals.
  • Is it important for your company to maintain distinct brands? For some established businesses, maintaining a distinct identity is important for brand equity.
  • Is internationalization a top priority for your business? Unbundling can help reduce install size and improve load times, two important factors for driving growth in emerging markets.
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