Use Google Play games services to create more engaging game experiences

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Add features to your games that keep players more engaged such as sign-in, achievements, leaderboards, cloud save, video recording, and more with Google Play games services.

Why it works

Players respond to a game better when they can compete with or compare themselves to other players. Google Play games services save you from having to implement popular game features yourself. Using the Google Play games services APIs you can help players to challenge themselves and be challenged, measure themselves against others, and receive rewards. Players who take advantage of Google Play games services features are more likely to engage with and make purchases from your game.

Features to make your games more social

  • Achievements: Set goals to encourage players to spend more time in your games and try new features. Reward them with experience points that players redeem to gain level-ups in their Play Games profile, where they can share their success with other players.
  • Leaderboards: Drive competition among your players with daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. Create multiple leaderboards for game levels or other game features.
  • Friends: Enable players to find their friends in your game to enhance social engagement. Show the game scores of friends on leaderboards to further drive competition.

Features to extend across form factors

  • Saved Games: Save game states to the cloud and enable players to resume games anytime on any of their devices. Cover images and descriptions show players where they left off and attract them back.
  • Nearby Connections API: Enhance the experience of your games for Android TV by connecting seamlessly with smartphones and tablets, to use them as second-screen controllers.

Features for managing your games

  • Game metadata updates: Simplify your game testing and player account management with the Google Play games services Management API.
  • Game production and distribution task automation: Modify listings and upload icons for achievements and leaderboards with the Google Play games services Publishing API.
  • Insights and alerts: Get information on how to improve your leaderboards, achievements, and other games services implementations from the Google Play Console.
  • Anti-piracy: Optionally disable games services for games not purchased from the Play store.

Best practices

  • Make Google Play games services integrations highly visible, customized, achievable, and incentivized.
  • Prompt players to sign in to Google Play games services when your game launches. This ensures they get access to the games service features and maximizes the number of players online and ready to collaborate.
  • Use achievements to challenge players to explore your games but, make sure they don’t rely too much on elements beyond the player's control or cannot be earned once a player has made a decision in your game.
  • Ensure players can pick up where they left off, on a new or secondary device, by using Play Games identity as a key to game state.