Sell digital purchases with Google Play's billing system

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Sell in-app purchases (or IAPs) in your app or game using Google Play's billing system.

Why it works

When you use Google Play In-app Billing to sell items, Google Play handles the checkout details so your app never has to process financial transactions. Your app will use the same checkout flow which is used for content purchases on Google Play, so users will get a familiar, reliable, and secure experience.

How to do it:

  1. Determine what content or features you want to sell as digital goods.
  2. Set-up a Google Wallet Merchant Account in the Google Play Console.
  3. Define your in-app products in the Play Console, choosing between durables (once purchased, always available to the user) and consumables (items used a limited number of times or for a set period of time).
  4. Add mechanisms to unlock features or deliver content to your app.

Best practices:

  • Make your app available as a free download with limited features or full features for a limited time. Then use an in-app purchase to unlock the full, unlimited app.
  • Offer additional features or content items through in-app purchases, such as new levels, special playing pieces, or other features in games.
  • Use subscriptions where your app provides regularly updated or time-based content.

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