Manage your games business according to revenue targets through Player Analytics

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Gathering analytics is a key component of offering a game as a service and is also an increasingly important part of running a successful mobile games business.

Why it works

Available in the Google Play Console, Player Analytics is a set of free reports to help you manage your game’s business and understand in-game player behavior. You can enable Player Analytics by adding a few lines of code to your game to integrate Google Play games services. As soon as you integrate Play games services, you can start taking advantage of the reports in the Play Console.

Best practices

  • Set your spend target in Player Analytics by choosing a daily goal, then monitor your performance in the Target vs. Actual chart.
  • Identify hot spots using benchmarks with the Business Drivers report.
  • Track player retention by new user cohort using the Retention report.
  • See where players are spending their time, struggling, and churning with the Player Progression report.
  • Manage your in-game economy with the Sources and Sinks report.