Use Google Play games services to enhance and simplify your game development

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Google Play games services let you easily connect with your players and add engaging features to your games.

Why it works

Google Play games services provide a seamless zero-click sign-in system for players and a range of other ready-to-use features — complete with front- and back-end implementations — that you can add to your games using simple APIs. It includes popular game features such as a Google Play friends list, achievements, leaderboards, and more. The APIs and services help you connect with your players and make their experience playing your game on Android even better.

Best practices

  • Integrate popular game features into your games by using the Google Play games services APIs.
  • Zero-click automatic sign-in lets you sign players into your game with minimal friction.
  • Play Games Friends lets you access your players' Google Play Games friends list so that you can enable players to engage with their friends in your game.
  • Save game states to the cloud and enable players to resume games anytime on any of their devices. Incorporate cover images and descriptions to show players where they left off and attract them back.
  • Let players record their gameplay and share the video with friends on YouTube with the Video Recording API.
  • Use the Google Play Console to manage games services and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.
  • Use the Google Play games services Management API to easily update your game metadata and simplify your game testing and player account management.
  • Use the Google Play games services Publishing API to automate your game production and distribution tasks and to upload icons for achievements and leaderboards.