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Create immersive virtual reality experiences for Daydream and Google Cardboard

Create virtual reality experiences with the Google VR SDK that will entertain and educate users, whether they’re using a Daydream-enabled smartphone or Google Cardboard.

Why it works

The Google VR SDK for Android and Unity or Unreal Engine 4 enable you to quickly start creating VR apps and games, or adapt your existing application for VR. These tools aim to simplify common VR development tasks so you can focus on building your new immersive experience.

Best practices

  • Designing great user experiences in virtual reality is very different to designing for traditional 2D form factors, so make sure your apps comply with the Daydream App Quality Requirements.
  • Avoid virtual reality sickness by implementing continual head tracking, giving the user appropriate control over their movement within the app, maintaining a constant velocity for motion, grounding the user in a chair or cockpit when possible, and avoiding sudden changes in brightness.
  • Help users who may not be familiar with virtual reality interactions by entering with the headset icon and exiting with the back or home buttons, providing fuse buttons, providing audio instructions and haptic feedback, and providing a visual reticle (visual aid to track targets.)
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