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This is a global series of community-led online events connecting you with other developers near you to learn what you need to know to prepare for the next release of Android. Come together to learn about what's new in Android 11 and how to make your app compatible.

Map of meetups

Find an #Android11Meetup near you. Check back as new events get added.

Past meetups

Ha Noi - Vietnam
2020-08-01 and 2020-08-02
Shanghai - China
Karachi - Pakistan
London - United Kingdom
Istanbul - Turkey
We take the Community Guidelines seriously, and all attendees, speakers, and staff at Android 11 meetups are required to agree to these guidelines.

Frequently asked questions

What is the agenda for these events? Are they for beginners?

These are events targeted at established Android developers who are interested in making sure their apps/games work well on the latest release and want to avoid any breaking changes. Organizers have the flexibility to adapt the level, format, duration, and other aspects of the agenda based on the needs of their community.

Are these events in person or online?

Supporting the health and safety of our communities and enabling organizers to continue to host events for the developers in their communities is our main goal. In particular, in situations when communities do not have the ability to gather in person, we support organizers to utilize online methods to allow them to offer engaging experiences for remote attendees. Organisers should adhere to local guidance and regulations regarding whether it is advisable to host events in-person.

How will online events be hosted?

Each event may leverage a different online platform, so check with the individual event to determine how they plan to host the event.

Is this a global series or limited to specific geos?

It is global. We welcome all developer communities from around the world to participate and create their own events; you can apply using this form. Or if you're interested in learning more about Android 11 you can find an event hosted by your local community.

What is the hashtag for this event?


When will these events take place?

Events will take place over 11 weeks, from June 8 to August 28. Some organizers may choose to host events beyond this time but we won't be able to support events outside of these months.

I can't see any events hosted by my local community. What should I do?

New events are being added regularly, so check here in a few days to see if there are more. You can also reach out to a community near you and see if they are still happy to host one.

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