We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate. We are postponing the June 3rd event and beta release. We'll be back with more on Android 11, soon.

Android 11 Talks

As part of the Android 11 Beta launch, we’re dropping 12 binge-worthy talks on your favorite Android development topics. Here’s a taste at what’s in store.

Chet Haase

Software Engineer, Android

Dan Sandler

Software Engineer, Android

Narayan Kamath

Software Engineer, Android

Roxanna Aliabadi

Product Manager, Android

Jeffrey van Gogh

Software Engineering Manager, Android

Romain Guy

Software Engineer, Android

Yigit Boyar

Software Engineer, Android

Jamal Eason

Product Manager, Android Studio

Tor Norbye

Engineering Director

Nicolas Roard

Software Engineer, Android Studio Design Tools

Milena Nikolic

Engineering Director, Google Play

Mrinalini Loew

Group Product Manager, Google Play Commerce

Andrii Kulian

Software Engineer, Android


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VP, Engineering
Senior Director, Product Management

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