Android GPU Inspector (AGI) is currently in open beta. Learn more.

Understanding AGI

Android GPU Inspector (AGI) is an Android tool that helps you profile graphics on Android across different types of devices. It supports both Vulkan and OpenGL ES APIs.

AGI operates in two modes: system profiling mode and frame profiling mode.

  • In system profiling mode, you can take a trace of multiple frames of a scene. High-frequency GPU counters in this mode are plotted on a timeline to show the locations of potential areas of interest.

  • In frame profiling mode, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of a single frame to pinpoint the exact location of any bottlenecks that occur. To help you do that, AGI displays timing information and GPU counters for each render pass. You can also explore textures, meshes, geometry, shaders, and render pipelines associated with each draw call to find optimization opportunities.

Check out Getting started with AGI to start using AGI to improve your performance.