DataApi Exposes an API for components to read or write data items and assets
DataApi.DataItemResult Contains a single data item. 
DataApi.DataListener Used with addListener(GoogleApiClient, DataApi.DataListener) to receive data events. 
DataApi.DeleteDataItemsResult Contains the number of deleted items. 
DataApi.GetFdForAssetResult Contains a file descriptor for the requested asset. 
DataEvent Data interface for data events. 
DataItem The base object of data stored in the Android Wear network. 
DataItemAsset A reference to an asset stored in a data item. 
MessageApi Exposes an API for components to send messages to other nodes. 
MessageApi.MessageListener Used with addListener(GoogleApiClient, MessageApi.MessageListener) to receive message events. 
MessageApi.SendMessageResult Contains the request id assigned to the message. 
MessageEvent Information about a message received by a listener
Node Information about a particular node in the Android Wear network. 
NodeApi Exposes an API for to learn about local or connected Nodes. 
NodeApi.GetConnectedNodesResult Contains a list of connected nodes. 
NodeApi.GetLocalNodeResult Contains the name and id that represents this device. 
NodeApi.NodeListener Used with addListener(GoogleApiClient, NodeApi.NodeListener) to receive node events. 


Asset An asset is a binary blob shared between data items that is replicated across the wearable network on demand. 
DataEventBuffer Data structure holding references to a set of events. 
DataItemBuffer Data structure holding reference to a set of DataItems. 
DataMap A map of data supported by PutDataMapRequest and DataMapItems. 
DataMapItem Creates a new dataItem-like object containing structured and serializable data. 
PutDataMapRequest PutDataMapRequest is a DataMap-aware version of PutDataRequest
PutDataRequest PutDataRequest is used to create new data items in the Android Wear network. 
Wearable An API for the Android Wear platform. 
Wearable.WearableOptions API configuration parameters for Wearable API. 
WearableListenerService Receives events from other nodes, such as data changes, messages or connectivity events. 
WearableStatusCodes Error codes for wearable API failures.