public class


extends AbstractDataBuffer<DataEvent>
implements Result

Class Overview

Data structure holding references to a set of events.

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Public Methods
final DataEvent get(int position)
Get the item at the specified position.
int getCount()
Status getStatus()
Returns the status of this result.
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Public Methods

public final DataEvent get (int position)

Get the item at the specified position. Note that the objects returned from subsequent invocations of this method for the same position may not be identical objects, but will be equal in value. In other words:

buffer.get(i) == buffer.get(i) may return false.

buffer.get(i).equals(buffer.get(i)) will return true.

position The position of the item to retrieve.
  • the item at position in this buffer.

public int getCount ()

public Status getStatus ()

Returns the status of this result. Use isSuccess() to determine whether the call was successful, and getStatusCode() to determine what the error cause was.

Certain errors are due to failures that can be resolved by launching a particular intent. The resolution intent is available via getResolution().