protected class


extends Object
implements PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener View.OnClickListener

Class Overview

This is an View.OnClickListener that will proxy clicks to an attached PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener, or default to attempt to start the intent using an Activity context. Important: The implementation of onClick(android.view.View) used by DefaultOnPlusOneClickListener relies on the tag of this class' PlusOneButtonView remaining unused.


Public Constructors
PlusOneButton.DefaultOnPlusOneClickListener(PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener proxy)
Public Methods
void onClick(View view)
void onPlusOneClick(Intent intent)
Called when the +1 button is clicked.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
From interface
From interface android.view.View.OnClickListener

Public Constructors

public PlusOneButton.DefaultOnPlusOneClickListener (PlusOneButton.OnPlusOneClickListener proxy)

Public Methods

public void onClick (View view)

public void onPlusOneClick (Intent intent)

Called when the +1 button is clicked. Start the intent passed to this method to display the +1 confirmation dialog Activity with startActivityForResult(Intent, int).

intent The intent to display the +1 confirmation dialog.