Contains data classes for snapshot functionality.


Snapshot Data interface for a representation of a saved game. 
SnapshotMetadata Data interface for the metadata of a saved game. 
Snapshots The Snapshots API allows you to store data representing the player's game progress on Google's servers. 
Snapshots.CommitSnapshotResult Result delivered when a snapshot has been committed. 
Snapshots.DeleteSnapshotResult Result delivered when a snapshot has been deleted. 
Snapshots.LoadSnapshotsResult Result delivered when snapshot data has been loaded. 
Snapshots.OpenSnapshotResult Result delivered when a snapshot has been opened. 


SnapshotEntity Data object representing the data for a saved game. 
SnapshotMetadataBuffer Data structure providing access to a list of snapshots. 
SnapshotMetadataChange A collection of changes to apply to the metadata of a snapshot. 
SnapshotMetadataChange.Builder Builder for SnapshotMetadataChange objects. 
SnapshotMetadataEntity Data object representing the metadata for a saved game.