DriveApi The main entry point for interacting with Drive. 
DriveApi.ContentsResult Result that contains a Contents reference. 
DriveApi.DriveIdResult Result that contains a DriveId. 
DriveApi.MetadataBufferResult Result that contains a MetadataBuffer. 
DriveFile A file in Drive. 
DriveFile.DownloadProgressListener A listener that listens for progress events on an active contents download. 
DriveFolder A folder in Drive. 
DriveFolder.DriveFileResult A result that contains a DriveFile. 
DriveFolder.DriveFolderResult A result that contains a DriveFolder. 
DriveResource A Resource represents a file or folder in Drive. 
DriveResource.MetadataResult Result that is returned in response to metadata requests. 


Contents A reference to a Drive file's contents. 
CreateFileActivityBuilder A builder that is used to configure and display the create file activity. 
Drive The Drive API provides easy access to users' Google Drive contents. 
DriveId A canonical identifier for a Drive resource. 
DriveStatusCodes Drive specific status codes, for use in getStatusCode()  
Metadata The details of a Drive file or folder. 
MetadataBuffer A data buffer that points to Metadata entries. 
MetadataChangeSet A collection of metadata changes. 
MetadataChangeSet.Builder A builder for creating a new MetadataChangeSet. 
OpenFileActivityBuilder A builder that is used to configure and display the open file activity.