public final class


extends DataBuffer<T>

Class Overview

A data buffer that points to Metadata entries. Objects of this class are returned in responses to list requests (such as query(GoogleApiClient, Query)). This object behaves as an Iterable, as well as allowing indexed access to its entries. Be sure to call release() on any buffers when you are done with them.


Public Methods
Metadata get(int row)
Get the item at the specified position.
String getNextPageToken()
Inherited Methods
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From interface java.lang.Iterable

Public Methods

public Metadata get (int row)

Get the item at the specified position. Note that the objects returned from subsequent invocations of this method for the same position may not be identical objects, but will be equal in value. In other words:

buffer.get(i) == buffer.get(i) may return false.

buffer.get(i).equals(buffer.get(i)) will return true.

row The position of the item to retrieve.
  • the item at position in this buffer.

public String getNextPageToken ()