GoogleApiClient The main entry point for Google Play services integration. 
GoogleApiClient.ApiOptions Base interface for API options. 
GoogleApiClient.ConnectionCallbacks Provides callbacks that are called when the client is connected or disconnected from the service. 
GoogleApiClient.OnConnectionFailedListener Provides callbacks for scenarios that result in a failed attempt to connect the client to the service. 
PendingResult<R extends Result> Represents a pending result from calling an API method in Google Play services. 
Releasable Represents a resource, or a holder of resources, which may be released once they are no longer needed. 
Result Represents the final result of invoking an API method in Google Play Services. 
ResultCallback<R extends Result> An interface for receiving a Result from a PendingResult as an asynchronous callback. 


Api Describes a section of the Google Play Services API that should be made available. 
CommonStatusCodes Common status codes that are often shared across API surfaces. 
GoogleApiClient.Builder Builder to configure a GoogleApiClient
Scope Describes an OAuth 2.0 scope to request. 
Status Represents the results of work.