public final class


extends Object
implements Result

Class Overview

The result of a batch operation. The result status is successful if and only if all results are successful. Individual results can be retrieved using BatchResultToken objects.


Public Methods
Status getStatus()
Returns the status of this result.
<R extends Result> R take(BatchResultToken<R> resultToken)
Retrieves a result from the batch.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object
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Public Methods

public Status getStatus ()

Returns the status of this result. Use isSuccess() to determine whether the call was successful, and getStatusCode() to determine what the error cause was.

Certain errors are due to failures that can be resolved by launching a particular intent. The resolution intent is available via getResolution().

public R take (BatchResultToken<R> resultToken)

Retrieves a result from the batch.

After the result has been retrieved, it is an error to attempt to retrieve it again. It is the responsibility of the caller to release any resources associated with the returned result. Some result types may implement Releasable, in which case release() should be used to free the associated resources.