public static final class


extends Object

Class Overview

Builder for Batch objects. Note that this class is not thread-safe, by design.


Public Constructors
Batch.Builder(GoogleApiClient googleApiClient)
Public Methods
<R extends Result> BatchResultToken<R> add(PendingResult<R> pendingResult)
Adds a PendingResult to the batch.
Batch build()
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public Batch.Builder (GoogleApiClient googleApiClient)

Public Methods

public BatchResultToken<R> add (PendingResult<R> pendingResult)

Adds a PendingResult to the batch. The returned token can be used to retrieve the result from the BatchResult passed to the result callback.

pendingResult Items to wait for completion of.
  • The result token to use to get the result from the BatchResult.

public Batch build ()