Contains classes for interacting with Google Cast devices.


Cast.ApplicationConnectionResult When a connection to a receiver application has been established, this object contains information about that application, including its ApplicationMetadata and current status. 
Cast.CastApi The main entry point for interacting with a Google Cast device. 
Cast.MessageReceivedCallback The interface to process received messages from a CastDevice
RemoteMediaPlayer.MediaChannelResult Result of a media command. 
RemoteMediaPlayer.OnMetadataUpdatedListener The listener interface for tracking metadata changes. 
RemoteMediaPlayer.OnStatusUpdatedListener The listener interface for tracking player status changes. 


ApplicationMetadata Cast application metadata. 
Cast Main entry point for the Cast APIs. 
Cast.CastOptions API configuration parameters for Cast
Cast.CastOptions.Builder A builder to create an instance of Cast.CastOptions to set API configuration parameters for Cast
Cast.Listener The list of Cast callbacks. 
CastDevice An object representing a Cast receiver device. 
CastMediaControlIntent Intent constants for use with the Cast MediaRouteProvider. 
CastStatusCodes Status codes for the Cast APIs. 
LaunchOptions An object that holds options that affect how a receiver application is launched. 
LaunchOptions.Builder A builder for LaunchOptions objects. 
MediaInfo A class that aggregates information about a media item. 
MediaInfo.Builder A builder for MediaInfo objects. 
MediaMetadata Container class for media metadata. 
MediaStatus A class that holds status information about some media. 
MediaTrack A class that represents a media track, such as a language track or closed caption text track in a video. 
MediaTrack.Builder A builder for MediaTrack objects. 
RemoteMediaPlayer Class for controlling a media player application running on a receiver. 
TextTrackStyle A class that specifies how a text track's text will be displayed on-screen.