public static interface


implements Result Releasable

Class Overview

Result retrieved from AppStateManager.StateResult when a conflict is detected while loading app state. To resolve the conflict, call resolve(GoogleApiClient, int, String, byte[]) with the new desired data and the value of StateConflictResult#getResolvedVersion provided here.


Public Methods
abstract byte[] getLocalData()
abstract String getResolvedVersion()
abstract byte[] getServerData()
abstract int getStateKey()
Inherited Methods
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From interface

Public Methods

public abstract byte[] getLocalData ()

  • Byte array containing the data that was saved locally on the device.

public abstract String getResolvedVersion ()

  • Version token to pass for resolution.

public abstract byte[] getServerData ()

  • Byte array containing the latest known data from the server.

public abstract int getStateKey ()

  • The state key that had the conflict.