public static class


extends HitBuilder<HitBuilders.ItemBuilder>

This class is deprecated.
This class has been deprecated in favor of a richer set of APIs on all the HitBuilder classes. With the new approach, simply use addProduct, addImpression, addPromo and setAction to add ecommerce data to any of the hits.

Class Overview

Item hit builder allows you to send item level sales data to Google Analytics. Transaction Id, Item Name, SKU price and quantity are required for meaningful reports on item data.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setCategory(String category)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setCurrencyCode(String currencyCode)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setName(String name)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setPrice(double price)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setQuantity(long quantity)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setSku(String sku)
HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setTransactionId(String transactionid)
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Public Constructors

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder ()

Public Methods

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setCategory (String category)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setCurrencyCode (String currencyCode)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setName (String name)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setPrice (double price)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setQuantity (long quantity)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setSku (String sku)

public HitBuilders.ItemBuilder setTransactionId (String transactionid)