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Release Notes

June 25, 2014 - Initial Release of the L Developer Preview

User interface

  • If your app launches an activity with startActivity() and an Intent set to FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_WHEN_TASK_RESET, the activity shows up as a separate task in the Recent apps screen. This is the same behavior as though your app used Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_DOCUMENT (see Concurrent documents and activities in the Recents screen). If you want your activity to remain in the same task that launched it, use startActivityForResult() instead.
  • System-rendered shadows for user interface (UI) elements in views may appear with visible spiky edges. To avoid this visual artifact, use a higher view elevation.
  • On very tall or wide views, view shadows may appear with additional rough visual artifacts around the view edges. To minimize this, avoid using view shadows with very narrow views.
  • The class does not respond to pointer location changes, except when the drawable is set as a View background.


  • The android.hardware.camera2 APIs are supported only on Nexus 5 devices.
  • Saving a DNG file with the new android.hardware.camera2.DngCreator API fails if lens shading compensation map generation is not enabled. To capture images to DNG files, add the following code when creating your capture requests:
    CaptureRequest.Builder stillCaptureRequest =
  • The[], int, int, int) method currently does not work. Use the AudioTrack.write(short[], int, int) method instead.
  • Lockscreen security is currently not enforced when users start a Android mirroring session from the Quick Settings shade.

User input

  • The System UI may crash unexpectedly while the device is charging, if the locale is set to fr (FRENCH).

Wireless and Connectivity

  • The android.bluetooth.le APIs are supported only on Nexus 5 devices.
  • You might encounter these issues while using Bluetooth LE scanning:
    • Settings does not show all Bluetooth LE devices when a scan filter is set.
    • System returns non-intuitive error messages during a Bluetooth LE scan, when Bluetooth is off.
    • The BluetoothLeScanner.startScan() method starts failing after six concurrent scans with different callbacks.
  • You might encounter these issues while using Bluetooth LE advertising:
    • The device MAC address does not change for multiple advertising when the application processor is asleep.
    • The TX Power Level is always 0 in advertising packets.


  • The device may crash unexpectedly in these situations when using Android work functionality:
    • The user attempts to share a web page (via Menu > Share) from a non-Android work Chrome app to a Android work profile Gmail app.
    • The user attempts to share a web page via Bluetooth from a Android work profile Chrome app.
    • The user attempts to share a web page via Android Beam from a Android work profile Chrome app.
  • Deleting a Android work profile may take several minutes to complete. You cannot create a new Android work profile until the deletion operation is over.

64-bit support

  • If you are using the NDK to compile apps for 32- or 64-bit systems and want to use the features provided in the L Developer Preview, download the android-ndk64-r10 package for your target platform from the Android NDK page. The android-ndk64-r10 package contains the L Developer Preview API library (located under the platforms/android-L/ API directory) for both 32- and 64-bit systems. The package also includes the gcc-4.9 compiler for both 32- and 64-bit apps.