The following code samples are provided for the L Developer Preview. You can download them in the Android SDK Manager under the SDK Samples component for the L Developer Preview.

Note: At this time, the downloadable projects are designed for use with Gradle and Android Studio.


Figure 1. The BasicManagedProfile sample app.

This sample demonstrates how to create a managed profile. You can also:

  • Enable or disable other apps, and set restrictions on them.
  • Configure intents to be forwarded between the primary account and the managed profile.
  • Wipe all the data associated with the managed profile.

Note: There can be only one managed profile on a device at a time.

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This sample demonstrates the basic use of the Camera2 API. The sample code demonstrates how you can display camera preview and take pictures.

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This sample demonstrates how to record video using the Camera2 API.

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Figure 2. The ActivitySceneTransitionBasic sample app.

This sample demonstrates how to the use Activity scene transitions when transitioning from one activity to another. Uses a combination of moveImage and changeBounds to nicely transition from a grid of images to an activity with a large image and detail text.

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This sample demonstrates two alternative ways to move a view in the z-axis:

  • With a fixed elevation, using XML.
  • Raising the elevation when the user taps on it, using setTranslationZ().

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This sample demonstrates a drag and drop action on different shapes. Elevation and z-translation are used to render the shadows. The views are clipped using different outlines.

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This sample demonstrates clipping on a View.

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Figure 3. The JobSchedulerSample sample app.


This sample implements a multi-player game, demonstrating game controller input handling.

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This sample displays events received from a game controller shown on the screen.

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This sample demonstrates use of the Android TV Leanback Support Library.

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This sample app allows the user to schedule jobs through the UI, and shows visual cues when the jobs are executed.

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This sample illustrates a common usage of the Android support library's DrawerLayout widget.

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